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Statement on SGM

At the SGM on 14th July it was intimated that the continuation of the SGM could be held on the morning of 29th August, before the AGM scheduled for later the same day.

After consideration, Chess Scotland decided this intention would be impractical. Chess Scotland will now convene a new SGM, at a later date still to be confirmed, possibly coinciding with the November Council meeting

The consequences of a new SGM are as follows:-

1 Amendments not debated and voted on at SGM of 14th July will fall.

2 Proxies intimated for 14th July are no longer valid.

3 Sections 1,3,4,6(amended),10,11 and 13 were agreed at the SGM on 14th July and as such are not subject to further amendment or discussion.

4 The CWP will be asked to prepare an updated Proposed New Constitution in which the remaining sections (i.e. those not yet approved) could take into account some of the amendments mentioned in bullet point 1

5 The updated PNC will be posted on the CS Website after the AGM. This will allow adequate time for further consultation.

6 New amendments can be submitted and proxies can be nominated only after publication of any amendments on the CS Website

7 At the new SGM, sections 8,9,5,7,2,12,14 and 15 will be discussed and voted upon on a section by section basis.

8 Please note that Section 16 is deleted and moved to OP.

9 Assuming all sections are voted through (possibly with amendments) then a vote will be taken on the PNC as a whole.

10 The PNC will come into effect for the AGM of August 2016

At some point prior to the SGM, an exemplar of a Job Description and an Operating Procedure will be placed on the CS Website to illustrate what is meant by them, in order to dispel some of the previous misconceptions.

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Posted on: 29-08-2015
Categories: News