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SOCO Online Team Challenge

Friday 31st December  (1 day event)

Time Controls: Allegro

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Chess Teams Challenge - Midweek Online Event

This year we are introducing Scottish Online Chess Organisation (SOCO) chess team challenge. This is based on’s Live teams format and will be for teams of 4 players. Clubs may enter more than one team which should be ranked in playing strength A, B, C etc.

Format: Each match night will be during the week and will be two games per player against the same opponent with colours reversed for the 2nd game. (Matches may be played at weekends by agreement between the teams.)

Time Control: time control 20 minutes each plus 5 second increments.

Entry fee: The entry fee is £10 for each team of 4.

Closing date: Entries will be accepted until 31 December 2021.

Playing up: We have been asked if players from clubs with more than one team can “play up” ie fill a place in a higher ranked team. This will be allowed this in  the following circumstances

  1. The player can only play up after receiving permission from the organisers
  2. The player can only play up to a higher team a maximum of three times
  3. Beyond three times the team captain must provide an explanation as to why this is required.

Grading: Games will be graded for Chess Scotland’s Allegro grading system so captains will be asked to send the games links for grading. is the playing platform.

Fair-play: Every game will be pgn checked for fair-play. Players will not be able to continue in the event if their account is shut for using computer assistance and may be subject to further sanction by the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee.

Contact: Organiser Ian Brownlee: Landline 01555 751420 mobile 07899 832770 . Entries and further enquiries by email (

We would appreciate entries as soon as possible. As with last year we will be hosting a Zoom meeting to help out captains and team organisers prior to the commencement of the tournament. Andy Howie will be screening the games as part of Chess Scotland’s fair play policy.

Ian Brownlee and Willie Hulme be acting as arbiters for both the Team Challenge and the SNOCL.