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SNCL Final Results


Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4

Season 17/18 is now over and it was an incredibly close finish in some of the Leagues.

Division 1 was won by Dundee City A, winning their final game against fellow challengers Edinburgh 1.  Only Inverclyde were safe following their win and we had 5 teams all sharing 5 points with 2 to be relegated on tie breaks.  On the first tie break, Wandering Dragons A were relegated.  This left Hamilton and Stepps.  The next tie break was individual games between the teams.  As Stepps won that 3-2 this meant that Hamilton were relegated.

Bon Accord dominated Division 2 and have gone 28 games now without a defeat (we said 21 in the AGM but forgot they started in Division 5!)  Kilmarnock join them in Division 1 next season.  Dropping down to Division 3 are IPCC and Perth.

Dunfermline Knights win was enough to give them the Division 3 trophy with Wandering Dragons joining them.  Pentland Hills lost out on board count and will be relegated along with Paisley.

Finally Oban pipped Musselburgh on board count to take the Division 4 title after the latter could only draw their game.

The Nan Grant Giant Killer Prize was won by Perth's Gwenole  Le Feuvre

Hamish Olson of Bon Accord managed a perfect 7 out of 7.  The only player this year to do so.

At the AGM, a motion to go back to non incremental time controls was heavily defeated.

See you all again next year!

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Posted on: 25-03-2018
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