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Selection News Junior, Glorney – Euro Youth


The Board of Selectors for the National Junior Squad are always pleased to hear your ideas for events which may be of interest to junior chess players. Please don't hesitate to contact any member of the Board with your suggestions. Also, we want to hear about any developing young talent who you feel deserves a chance to represent Scotland. If you know of any young player who is actively playing chess, is enthusiastic and is showing signs of improvement, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you and to find out more.

Please contact any member of the Board of Selectors for the Scottish National Junior Squad.

Paul MacDonald (February 10, 2012)


Glorney - Gilbert Cups & Four Nations Junior International July 21st - 23rd 2013 at Park Inn Hotel, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff. (added 4th July 2013)

Head of Delegation - David Congalton
Coaches - Heather Lang & Matthew Turner (Sun only)

Gilbert Girls team
Caitlin Reid
Morven Petrie
Lauren Bond

Glorney Team
Ali Roy
Lennart Koehn
Daniel Deary
Leston D'Costa
Craig Gillies

Robinson Team
Kai Pannwitz
Declan Shafi
Leonardo Sani
Alexander Bond
Colin Howie
Jack Stewart

Stokes Team
Euan Gray
Ben Volland
Michael Doyle
Euan Dawson
Calum Smith
Sam Harper

(Board orders may be revised)


23rd European Youth Championship, Budva, Montenegro 28th September - 9th October 2013. (added 4th July 2013)

Head of Delegation - David Oswald
Coaches - Jonathan Edwards and Hamish Olson

U 18 Girls
Ali Roy

U14 Girls
Anna Milton
Monica Espinosa
Caitlin Reid

U18 Boys
Shivan Murdochy
Miguel Espinosa
Nihad Abdulla

U16 Boys
Daniel Deary
Stuart Wynne

U14 Boys
Murad Abdulla
Jamie Underwood
Leornardo Sani

U12 Boys
Kai Pannwitz
Euan Gray

U10 Boys
Vagif Ramazanov


Liverpool Quadrangular November 30 to December 2, 2012 (added October 25, 2012)

Squads below in alphabetical order.

Under 16: Murad Abdulla, Daniel Deary, Lennart Koehn, Andrew McCusker, Carl Milton, Stuart Wynne

Under 14: Alexander Bond, Colin Howie, Moray Lennox, Anna Milton, Declan Shafi, Fergus Skillen, Caitlin Reid, Liam Richmond, Zak Roy, Leonardo Sani, Jamie Underwood

Under 12:  Matthew Billcliff, Euan Dawson, Michael Doyle, Andrew Gillies, Craig Gillies, Darren Gillies, Euan Gray, Stuthi Hegde, Kirsty McCusker, Thomas Stidolph, Ben Volland.


U16 Olympiad 28th August-6th September 2012 (added August 22, 2012)

The Scotland Squad for the U-16 Olympiad in Turkey: Murad Abdulla, Daniel Deary, Andrew McCusker, Ian McDonald, Zak Roy

Coach - Clement Sreeves

Head of Delegation - Robin Moore


Glorney/Faber - Added May 19, 2012: (Edit July 11)

Glorney coach - GM Matthew Turner

Faber coach - Heather Lang

U14 coach - Neil Berry

U12 coach - Adam Bremner

Daventry 17th-21st July - website

Glorney Team - Andrew McClement, Hamish Olson, Ian McDonald, Daniel Thomas, David P Gillespie.

Jessica Gilbert (Faber) Team - Ali Roy, Alice Lampard, Anna Milton

U14 Team - Lennart Koehn, Andrew McCusker, Alexander Bond, Jamie Underwood, Stuart Wynne, Fergus Skillen.

U12 - Murad Abdulla, Kai Pannwitz, Colin Howie, Declan Shafi, Liam Richmond, Euan Gray.


World Youth - Added May 23, 2012: (edit July 11. October 25)

Maribor, Slovenia (November 6th-19th) website

Boys U10- Liam Richmond, Vagif Ramazanov

Boys U12- Murad Abdulla, Kai Pannwitz, Colin Howie

Boys U14- Andrew McCusker, Jamie Underwood

Boys U16- Daniel Deary

Boys U18- Sam Gregory

Girls U12- Anna Milton, Kirsty McCusker

Coaches - Alan Tate, Calum McQueen

Head of Delegation- Robin Moore


EU Championship - Added May 20, 2012:

Mureck, Austria - July 31st-August 9th

U14- Andrew McCusker, Stuart Wynne

U12- Kirsty McCusker

U10- Robert Pirrie

Head of Delegation- Hamish Glen


Euro Youth - Added May 19, 2012:

Prague, 16th-26th August 2012 - website

U18 boys- Andrew McClement, Hamish Olson

U16 boys- Ian McDonald, Nihad Abdulla, Carl Milton

U14 boys- Alexander Bond

U12 boys- Kai Pannwitz, Murad Abdulla

U10 boys- Vagif Ramazanov, Liam Richmond

U18 girls-Ali Roy

U16 girls- Alice Lampard

U12 girls- Anna Milton

Head of Delegation/Second coach- Hugh Brechin

Coach- Alan Tate


World Youth - Added March 13, 2012:

Would all parents who wish their children considered for selection for the World Youth event in Maribor, Slovenia (7th-19th November, 2012) please contact Paul MacDonald or Robin Moore asap.


Glorney, EU Youth, Euroyouth - Added February 22, 2012:
Would all parents who wish their children to be considered for international selection for......

1/ The Glorney event at Daventry in England 17th-21st July

2/ The EU youth championship at Mureck in Austria 31st July-8th August

3/ The Euroyouth championship at Prague in the Czech Republic 16th-26th August

Please contact Paul MacDonald or Robin Moore asap.

Thank you

Paul MacDonald

International Junior Director

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Posted on: 04-07-2013
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