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Richardson Cup/Spens Cup – updates

Details of the tournament including the Draw, Rules and Registration Form can be found here


Spens Cup Rules

The updated Spens Cup rules are now available, and I would like to point out the minor changes formalised in this update:

  • The document format has been updated to the same layout as that of the Richardson Rules with paragraph numbering
  • The responsibility is now with the club to provide the FIDE ID number, rather than simply “FIDE Registered Y/N” as in previous seasons. (Rule 3.2)
  • It is the clubs who must ensure the correct FIDE ID No. is provided, not the Tournament Controller or Chief Grader. The Chief Grader will validate, or create new FIDE ID No. should it be required.
  • The nominated squad limit is restricted to 15 a maximum of players and any changes must be a replacement for a player on the list should the limit of 15 players has been reached. (Rule 4.1)
  • The introduction of team lists submissions, as now applicable for the Richardson Cup, will be considered from 2018/19 season.


Richardson/Spens Registration Form

The Registration form is the same for both competitions, and has been converted to a Word Document with limitations on edit capabilities.

It is now only possible to enter data into restricted, mandatory fields. These fields are:

  • Players Name, CS Grade, CS PNUM, FIDE ID No.
  • The layout of the club contact information has been rearranged to allow the field entries.
  • Notes have been added on the Form sheet as reminders to the limited entry requirements.


  1. Time permitting copies of the above will be emailed to the nominated team captains.
  2. Clubs with teams in BOTH Richardson and Spens cups will be permitted a maximum of 2 players to “play-up” from the Spens list on one occasion only. If a second occurrence, then player(s) will be cup-tied to the Richardson Cup and no longer eligible for the Spens Cup. These players team position must not compromise the team grading order requirements.

Jim Webster November 23, 2017

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Posted on: 23-11-2017
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