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Richardson Cup review

Richardson Cup Review Update (April 25 2107)

The outcome of the Management Board review is available in the linked pdf document.

All Richardson Cup teams from this season will be sent a copy for club discussion shortly.

We will try to answer queries on the forum (under this new thread please).

These recommendations are proposed for introduction for next season.



Following correspondence with fellow Management Board directors it has been decided to add “A review of the Richardson Cup rules and regulations” to the April Management Board meeting agenda.

It has been nearly 2 years since the Home Director took office and it is felt that the time has come for a full management review.

To further assist in this review, we are inviting submissions from CS individual members and member clubs, via their secretary to input into the review.  We will NOT consider forum submissions however.  All submissions for consideration should be sent to CS President and must be received no later than Friday 31st March. All submission will be acknowledged on receipt.

Any recommended changes in rules will be implemented in season 2017/18.

Jim Webster - President, Chess Scotland  

Andy Howie - Executive Director, Chess Scotland                    

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Posted on: 25-04-2017
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