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Richardson and Spens Cup 2012-13

Edinburgh defeated Edinburgh West in the Richardson Final hosted at Edinburgh Chess Club in Alva Street on April 27.

Kilmarnock Burns defeated Kilmarnock in the Spens Final hosted in Kilmarnock. Hamilton B defeated Troon in the Rosebowl. Both matches hosted in Kilmarnock.

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Detailed board scores of Richardson and Spens Final

Castlehill, Cathcart,Dundee,Edinburgh,Edinburgh West,Glasgow Polytechnic, Hamilton, Oban, Wandering Dragons

Edinburgh vs Cathcart (Nov 17) 5.5-2.5

Qrtr Finals: (Jan 19)
Edinburgh West vs Glasgow Polytechnic 4-4 (Edinburgh West won on board count)

Oban vs Edinburgh 2-6

Wandering Dragons vs Hamilton 4.5-3.5

Castlehill vs Dundee & Victoria 3-5

Semi-Finals: (Mar 9)

W Dragons v Edinburgh 3-5

Dundee v Ed West 1.5-6.5

Final: (Apr 27)

Ed West v Edinburgh 2.5-5.5

Richardson grading data


East Kilbride,Edinburgh,Edinburgh Civil Service,Hamilton,Irvine,Kilmarnock,Kilmarnock Burns, Phones,Troon


Phones vs Edinburgh 6-0 (default)

Qrtr Finals:
East Kilbride vs Kilmarnock Burns 0-6 (default)

Kilmarnock vs Edinburgh Civil Service 4-2

Troon vs Phones 1.5-4.5

Irvine vs Hamilton 4-2


Kilmarnock v Phones 4-2
Irvine v Kilmarnock Burns 1-5

Final: (April 28)

Kilmarnock Burns v Kilmarnock 4-2

Campbell Rosebowl:

E Kilbride v Edinburgh B w/o Edinburgh B

Ed Civil Service v Hamilton 3-3 Hamilton on bd count
Troon v E Kilbride/Edinburgh B w/o Troon

Troon v Hamilton 1.5-4.5

Spens grading data


Richardson and Spens controller Andrew Muir would like to hear from clubs of any changes proposed for future competitons.  Current rules (this download supercedes the CS Rules Book)

"Would the captain of any club currently participating in the Richardson or Spens which wishes to make a change in rules for 2013-14 please email me with a proposal anytime between now and 31 May including the precise wording they want and a captain's vote will take place."


Richardson Cup winners

Spens Cup winners


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