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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Primary Individual Live Games

We are hoping to show the top 6 boards.  This is very experimental so please bear with us.  Player names and links will be filled in as I get them.  Round 1-3 are on Tuesday 7th and 4-6 are on Wednesday 8th with a start time of 6:30pm.

Round 6

1.  Carolina Espinosa v Frederick Gordon Link
2.  Michael Moroz v Martin McGowan Link
3.  Janill Vadalia v Ashley Tandon Link
4.  Neev Lukhi v Unnabh Shrestha Link
5.  Daniel Kitaev v Morvin Gera  Link
6.  Rishi Vijayakumar  v Daragh Palaniswamy  Link

Round 5

1. Unnabh Shrestha v Michael Moroz  Link
2. Daragh Palaniswamy v Carolina Espinosa  Link
3. Frederick Gordon v Rishi Vijayakumar   Link
4. Martin McGowan  v Kai Moroz Link
5.  Sai Mallick v Janill Vadalia Link
6.  Morvin Gera v Georgios Tsagkarakis Link

Round 4

1. Carolina Espinosa v Morvin Gera  Link
2. Janill Vadalia v Daragh Palaniswamy Link
3. Nicholas Kitaev v Unnabh Shrestha Link
4. Michael Moroz v  Laksshana Deepak Link
5. Rishi Vijayakumar v Angelo Lynn  Link
6. Aatish Venkatesan v Frederick Gordon  Link

Round 3

1. Frederick Gordon v Georgios Tsagkarakis Link
2. Rashav Palanivel v Michael Moroz  Link
3.  Ashley Tandon v Carolina Espinosa Link
4.  Morvin Gera v Addit Arya   Link
5. Aditya Srivastava v Rishi Vijayakumar Link
6.  Martin McGowan v Ross Warcup Link


Round 2

1. Shiriam Bhaskar v Frederick Gordon Link
2. Michael Moroz v Jonathan Turner  Link
3. Carolina Espinosa v Sophie Heron  Link
4. Sai Mallick v Vedant Malhotra Link
5. Yashwardhan Shankar v Morvin Gera   Link
6. Addit Arya v Samuel Chandra  Link

Round 1

1. Frederick Gordon v Ibrahim Khan  Link
2. Sarah Shetty  v Michael Moroz  Link
3. Morvin Gera  v Arnav Rekhate  Link
4. Tarun Vusikala v Carolina Espinosa  Link
5. Ragav Palanivel v Alekhya Ganti  Link
6. Addit Arya v Angharad Hunt  Link

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