Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

New Website Launch

Welcome to the new Chess Scotland website. We have combined the familiar functionality of the old site with the latest in website technology and aesthetics to bring you a new and improved experience. Before you go off to browse the new site please take a moment to read an overview of some of the new features below.

Please note:  You will need to register for an account before you will be able to login. The login details you used on the old website will no longer work. Registration only takes a minute and can be done by visiting

After you have registered your account will need to be approved before you will be able to login. We will do this as soon as possible, and your patience is much appreciated.

More Content Managers, Better Content Management Tools

Thanks to a brand new content management system, the new site now allows a much larger group of contributors to login and create new content using faster and more intuitive content management tools. Collaborating with more members of the Chess Scotland community should mean more timely and detailed content for the new website. Content areas have also been given unique categories allowing you to quickly find information about the area of most interest. For example, if you’re looking for content specifically for Junior Chess then you can view it directly on that section of the site without having to sift through all the categories to find what you want.

Aesthetics to Match all of your Devices

The new site now responds to the size of the device you’re using. Content automatically resizes so that text is large enough to read and the page doesn’t cut out at the sides. This means that if you want to view live grading information from your mobile phone between rounds then you can. The new look also means no more squashed content on large screen sizes too! All of this is combined with a slick and intuitive new layout that maintains familiar aspects of the old site but with a more modern feel that is also optimised for search engines.

Old Tools Redesigned

One of the most useful tools on the website has always been the player quick search box which can be used to quickly find players by name or player number. This tool has been given a speed boost and now also works across all devices which means you can get player information from your phone or tablet on the go. The advanced search features maintain their previous power but with a fresh new look that also works on all device sizes. Events features have been overhauled as well, making it much easier for congress directors to add entrants and update event details. This should mean faster results too!

Increased Power and Security

Like the foundations of a house, website security is one of the most important aspects but also one of the most unnoticed. The new website includes powerful new tools, such as Google ReCAPTCHA technology, to keep the site safe whilst maintaining a user-friendly interface.

On top of our new security changes, the new site is now hosted on a powerful cloud server platform, allowing us to scale up resources when needed, therefore ensuring maximum performance even at busy times.

As with all new websites we expect that you might find some things that aren’t quite looking or working as we intended. Please report these to us as soon as possible so we can apply any necessary fixes. Let me also take this opportunity to thank you for your support and patience as we roll out the new Chess Scotland website.

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Posted on: 11-04-2017
Categories: News