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New Constitution

With the council meeting of April 30th now over it is time to progress the Constitution towards its completion.

This has been updated this to reflect these Structure changes.
Temporary notes have been added to a front page to clarify what is necessary for you to consider.

Structure Chart
Based on some practical experience, since being voted in as President meant that I am in a better position to understand the nuances of how Chess Scotland works, as well as how it should work. Therefore, the Structure of CS has been re-examined and a new Structure Chart created along with some notes to support the rationale. It is attached. There are some notes included here, but will not form part of the final document.
Note: Structure April’16 is currently in the form of ‘JPG’ and therefore should be viewed in a photo viewer application, preferably one that has a zoom feature to aid readability. If you cannot see view this file, please contact Andy Howie and/or myself and we will try to resolve this for you.

Job Descriptions
These are now off the agenda – the Management Board at its February meeting decided that we address this issue now, and consequently all directors are preparing drafts for submission to the Management Board at a forthcoming meeting.
However, to give an idea what the general thinking for Job Descriptions is - some “exemplar” versions have been included as a reference only.

Operating Procedures
Currently there is one existing for the Standards Committee and already available on the CS Website. Additional “exemplar” Operating Procedures are presented as further examples with the documentation, again as a reference only.

Note: The FIDE ID operating procedure was passed at the council meeting and is now technically effective from the date the council meeting minutes are published.


Monday 9th May:
Posting on CS website and documents made available for all members. Discussions will open on the Forum

The following dates will be also posted on the Chess Scotland Calendar:

Saturday 21st May: 12:00 – 16:00

General Meeting: Discuss any proposals and/or recommendations which may possibly be incorporated into the constitution.
Petal Meeting Rooms Glasgow.

This meeting has been called in response to earlier comments that CS did not allow enough discussion time on the Constitution. Andy, Hamish and myself will be there and possibly Alastair as well. We should be well covered to address any points arising.

The aim of the meeting, and I wasn’t planning on a formal agenda, is to give the membership an opportunity to come along and freely discuss the proposals (anyone unable to attend can pass on their suggestions to Andy).

We will only open voting on the Constitution after the General Meeting when we “hopefully” have an acceptable Constitution that simply needs the formality of a SGM to adopt.

Saturday 18th June: 12:00 – 14:00

SGM: Vote on the new Constitution.
Petal Meeting Rooms Glasgow

The SGM is intended to have only a single agenda item – to vote for/against adoption of the Constitution as proposed.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact any of us

Links to Documents

Exemplar Job Descriptions
Operating Procedures
Jim Webster, President
Andy Howie, Executive Director

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Posted on: 09-05-2016
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