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NEJCA 2022 – start of the year

Saturday 26th February  (1 day event)

Junior Event  |  Time Controls: Allegro  |  Rounds: 6  |  Website

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NEJCA 2022 start of the year chess tournament

Saturday 26 February 2022Starting at 1:30 pm


NEJCA (North-East-Junior-Chess-Association) is starting its 2022 activities through an online tournament on Lichess. This event is open to all young people attending school in Scotland. The player’s current (live) grade on Chess Scotland allegro list will be used to enter the event sections. New players will be entered in the list based on the details they supply.



All games will be graded on the Chess Scotland Allegro list. Best prizes, including trophies and medals, will be sent to the tournament winners. There will also be a certificate for every participant.




Date: 26 Feb 2022


Time: 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm (approx.)

Tournaments on Lichess (Novice, Intermediate, Open).

10mins + 5 sec increment per player, 6 rounds on platform using Swiss pairings.

Once players finish a game, they should wait for all other players to finish their games in the round. The next round will start automatically within a gap of one minute after the last game.


To enter, players should create a free Lichess account if they haven’t already.

Players will then need to join

Click the "JOIN TEAM" button within the Lichess team and let us know your full name as per the entry form in the “Message” box. Once accepted in the North-East-Junior-Chess-Association-NEJCA team, players should join the correct tournament on Lichess from Novice, Intermediate and Open as per their entry form.


Entry to the event is online via the NEJCA section on the website.

Please use the online entry page to add your entry, then use the Pay button to pay by Paypal. Entries will be automatically entered onto the Entries page when the payment has been accepted.

There is no fee for participants who claim free school meals. If you wish to claim free entry, please fill out the form and instead of pressing the pay button at the end and let us know via the contact page that you have filled out the form.



Please ignore the FIDE details requested on the entry form. These details are not required.

Conditions for entry:

The organizers reserve the right to:

1. Enforce anti-cheating rules. Internet chess provider anti-cheating detection will be in place. To keep the tournament’s integrity, we will not allow players to continue to play the tournament if their Lichess account is closed for using computer assistance.

2. Merge tournaments into one if there is an insufficient entry.

3. Transfer entrants between groups as per their ratings.

4. Take measures deemed necessary to ensure smooth running of the event.

5. Juniors must obtain the permission of a parent/guardian before playing.

6. We will use the Tournament facility on for the novice, intermediate and open tournaments. Swiss pairing system will be used.

7. All data will be held in compliance with the Chess Scotland Data Protection policy.

If you wish to make an enquiry, please use the Contact page.



More updates about NEJCA events can be found on the website and the North East Junior Chess Association Facebook page.