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Malawi Charity Allegro 2018

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Malawi Charity Event on Saturday December 1 2018.  We had a total of 63 players which is the most we have had.  This helped to generate a total on the day of £1018 which is the most we have ever raised.

I must thank all the arbiters David Congalton, John McNicoll, Stephen Taylor and Alan Steel for the smooth running of the event.  Thanks also to Peter Smith for all his help in coordinating this event and exploring an exciting new sponsorship which will greatly raise the final total for such a worthy cause.

Venue – St Nicholas Church Halls, Bellevue Road, Prestwick, KA9 1NW

Iain Fraser (Congress Director)


Malawi Open FIDE data

1st IM Andrew Greet              4.5/5

2nd John Calder                         4/5

3rd Mark Sanger                     3.5/5



1st =   Eric MacKinnon             4/5

1st =  Richard Warcup             4/5

3rd     Siegrun MacGilchrist      3.5/6



1st =   James Keegan                 4/5

1st =   William Birnie                4/5

3rd=   Bernard Cassidy            3.5/5

3rd=   John Dement                  3.5/5



1st     Kartike Sharan               5.5/6

2nd     Rajkumar Anbu              5/6

3rd = Jainill Vadalla                 4/6

3rd = Neev Lukhi                     4/6

3rd = Abhiram Kandala          4/6

3rd = Ibrahim Khan                4/6


Junior grading to follow - please report any errors to

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Posted on: 04-12-2018
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