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Largs Congress 2018 and Masters Grand Prix

The Largs Viking Congress took place 22-24 June 2018 at the Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre. Website:

Largs Prize Winners

Champion: IM Andrew Greet (4.5/5)
Championship Trophy & £500

U2000 Grading Prize: Stephen Robinson (4/5)
Trophy & £110, Alan Jelfs (4/5) £90

U1700 Grading Prize: Frankie Murray (3/5) Trophy & £60
Gary McPheator (3/5) £50
Siegrun Macgilchrist (3/5) £45
David Potts (3/5) £45

U1400 Grading Prize: Benjamin Ridge (3.5/5) Trophy & £200

Best Junior: Benjamin Ridge (3.5/5) Replica Lewis Chessmen Set

Best Junior U1000: Cooper Patterson Chess in a Tin Chess Set

Early Entry Prize Draw: Stuart White
Half Price Entry for a Calendar Year

Thanks to: Chess Scotland, Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre, Largs Chess Club, Bob Simpson, Fiona Petrie, John McNicoll and all those who kindly donated.

Grading Data

Gary McPheator
Largs Viking Congress TD


Masters Grand Prix

June 2018: The Masters Grand Prix has been taking place across the season. Congesses included were Kirkcaldy & Renfrew (both January & May) and concluded with Largs which offered double points.

Prize Winners

Ian Marks & Alan Jelfs £50 each

William Clinton £100

Walter Pearson £100

Thanks to all the competitors who took part thoughout the season.

Gary McPheator

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