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Inverness Congress 2016

The Inverness Congress once again proved a popular weekend with players returning from near and far to savour the Highland hospitality, along with some who were playing the Inverness event for the first time. The weekend was blessed with some September sunshine, which allowed young and old to bask outside while analysing their games post-match and gave the tournament a continental feel as players and non-players relaxed between games on the terrace outside.

All of the sections were keenly contested with the final prize winners not being decided until the very last match was completed.

Open FIDE data

1st - Duncan Campbell (Oban) 4½/5 - £130 2nd= - Daniel Deary (Greenwood) & Julius Schwartz (Inverness) 4/5 - £67.50

Grading Prize - Chris James (Dunbar), Euan Gray (North Juniors) & Andrew Newton (Inverness) 2½/5 - £10

Major FIDE data

1st – Adria Borras Carbonell (Bank of Scotland) 4/5 - £130 2nd = - James Watson (Polytechnic) & Robin Moore (Greenwood) 3½/5 - £67.50

Grading Prize – Callum Birkett & David Cumming (Both Inverness) 3/5 - £15


1st – Jonathan McKay (North Juniors) 4½/5 - £130 2nd= - Joe Wright (England) & Connor Sibbald (North Juniors & Albyn School) 4/5 - £67.50

Grading Prize – James Carson (Inverness) 3/5 - £30

Robert Rough Junior Cup

Awarded for the best player performances against live grade.

1st – Jonathan McKay - £40 2nd – Dallas Mackintosh (Newtonmore) - £30 3rd – Dietah Connolly Sams (Tiger Cubs) - £20

Thanks once again to Liz and all her staff at the Chieftain Hotel for allowing us to host the event there for the fourth year. Thanks also to John McNicoll for running the show, as I relaxed and enjoyed myself. John is also due thanks for multi-tasking and taking the photographs at the weekend, which can be viewed here!ApIzN6KZBaly6DkO9EzS-8peJQfe

Report by David Congalton

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Posted on: 19-09-2016
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