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History Updates

Alan McGowan of Cathcart CC has been supplying history updates to the CS site for several years. We'll try and keep you updated on latest additions here. The history archive provides links to all the material.

Please contact Alan directly if you have any comments, corrections or ideas for events and personalities which should be covered.


Update Oct 6 2017:

Richardson Cup results for 1971, 72, 74 added to the archive.

Allan Glen's school  Some additional IDs have been added.

Update Sep 21 2016:

Tom Borland photo archive (added) The photographs were provided by Tom Borland. Corrections and suggestions as to identification are welcomed.


George Drever (added) George, who would later be associated with Howden Chess Club in Glasgow, was born 31 March, 1910 in Leith. George was one of many volunteers who fought in the Spanish Civil War.

Angus Burnett (updated)

Spens Cup 1970 (added)

Stirling Ladies CC (added)

Glasgow Internationals (updated)


Update May 19 2016:


Allan Glen's School - A remarkable number of talented chess players attended this Glasgow school. Numerous chess successes were recorded by the pupils in individual and team events and, after leaving the school, many of the players went on to gain national and international chess honours.

Glasgow Schools League
Edinburgh Ladies
Cranston Trophy
Girls Tournaments
Edinburgh League v Glasgow League
Aitken reminiscences
Fairhurst reminiscences


Recent additions Bonner, Muir, Banks



Photo Gallery
Grading History


Update October 22 2015:

Spens Cup 1914 and 1921 to bring a complete run from 1902-58.

Two bios:

1. Miss F.H. Stirling: indexed in Master bio  page as Stirling, the family name, even though she is often referred to as F. Hutchison Stirling. Birth record shows Stirling as surname.

2. Miss Malcolm


1954ch - amended the text, improved the table.

Spankie - added photo

Turriff - added photo

Znosko-Borovsky (Master visits) - added a second photo

Eliskases - adeed another photo

Kostich - added some text and a few consultation games.

Lerchs bio - spelling error corrected


Update October 10 2015:

Three women players added.

Nancy Elder - 16 times Scottish Champion

M L Battrum

R P Foggie


Perkins and Montgomerie bios updated.

Update October 3 2014:

Biographies:  We learnt today of death last year of former Scottish Champion Eric Holt - bio added.

Update April 3 2014:

Latest Additions: Glasgow 800, Celtic Triangular international matches.

Bios: Ted Fitzjames

Update March 5 2014:

Bonar Law bio added - the chessplaying PM

Sheriff Spens bio added

Biographies list updated

Saavedra bio added.

Barbier amended

Dracup amended

Glasgow Junior International 1970 amended

Update January 1 2013:

Karl Gilg

Karl Marscheider

Master Visits - Bob Wade

Championships update 1892,3,4,5,6,8 1900,02,10,

Update October 1 2012:

Photo Gallery

West of Scotland winners

Staunton's visit to Scotland

Bios updates

Update August 14 2012:

Death is announced today of Svetozar Gligoric.

He made several visits to Scotland. Please see links on "master visits" page.

Update February 13 2012:

Scottish Championships 1966-1977


Update February 10 2012:

1959 Scottish Championship

1960 Scottish Championship

1961 Scottish Championship

1962 Scottish Championship

1963 Scottish Championship

1964 Scottish Championship

1965 Scottish Championship

Biographies page - use this link to see recent changes to following
Burnett, AG
Crum, Miss AM (date of death, sources)
Dracup (new)
Fallone (Place of birth & photo)
McNaughton (new)
Munn, Walter (new)
Scottish Ch 1935 - added photo taken at final dinner
Ramsgate 1929

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