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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Grand Prix Winners 2019

August 2, 2019: Congratulations to the winners in the Chessbase Grand Prix 2018-2019. Prize distributions will be arranged shortly.

Adult Grand Prix

Junior Grand Prix


The recent Scottish Championship data is included twice for Grand Prix purposes as the final event of the Grand Prix season 2018-2019 and the first of the 2019-2020 season. The Championships are only included for grading once in the new 2019-2020 season (which is now underway).

Thanks to our 2018-19 sponsors: Chessbase, New in Chess magazine and Chess Evolution book publisher. Scottish Crane gave another lift to Grand Prix with a bonus prize for overall top scorer.

Thanks to programmers Gordon Rattray and Andrew McHarg who continue to provide invaluable support to the grading system - of which the GP is an offshoot.

Rules and Introduction


Chessbase Sponsorship: Aug 2019 We are pleased to announce that Chessbase have continued their tremendous support for the Grand Prix into a 19th successive year for season 2019-2020. A superb range of high value prizes including full database starter packs plus top playing programs provide a great target for competitors on the tournament circuit. Shop

Interview with Matthias Wullenweber who developed ideas for Chessbase while an Edinburgh University student.

"In 1984/1985 I went to the University of Edinburgh for one year and joined their chess team. My polite hosts let me play top board and that meant playing against opponents much stronger than me. That motivated me to do some serious chess training.

I actually spent more time on chess theory than on theoretical physics in Edinburgh.."



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Posted on: 02-08-2019
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