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Glorney Festival 2019

The Glorney Festival is taking place 21st – 24th July 2019 in the Carrickdale Hotel and Spa, County Louth, Ireland.
We shall post the link to live games as soon as it becomes available.

Pairings : -  Glorney, Gilbert, Robinson, Stokes

Live game LINKS will be posted HERE when available (5 rounds: 22nd-24th July)

--- Glorney

--- Gilbert



In partnership with Chess Scotland (CS), the Scottish Junior Chess Association Educational Trust (SJCAET) would like to invite support to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of Scotland’s 20 junior representatives in the 2019 Glorney Festival International junior team championships next month in Ireland (21-24 July).

Please make donations at the SJCAET Appeal website:

And, if you are a UK taxpayer, please follow the Gift Aid prompt to add 25% of the value of your donation, courtesy of HMRC.

CS estimates that the total travel and accommodation costs of the 20 junior representatives to be in the region of some £6,000. This excludes any expense incurred by accompanying adults. Fuller details can be found at the SJCAET Appeal website.

This is an extremely worthwhile Appeal. The Glorney Festival offers invaluable international experience to our junior representatives. England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and the Netherlands once again compete this year.

Thank you.

IM Craig Pritchett (SJCAET trustee and treasurer)


The following players have been selected for the Glorney Festival taking place 21st – 24th July 2019 in the Carrickdale Hotel and Spa, County Louth, Ireland.


1.     Jake Sanger                  
2.     Marco d’Alessio                            
3.     Ben Volland                                    
4.     Euan Dawson
5.     Jonathan McKay                             


1. Oishani Dutta                          
2. Nandini Dutta   
3. Florence Wilson


1.     James Hartman                                                   
2.     Dietah Connolly Sams                                         
3.     Ritvik Maheshwari                                              
4.     Pranav Arcot                                                        
5.     Alasdair Sandham  
6.     Finlay Gibb                                            


1.      Sanjith Madhavan                                        
2.     Oliver Whalley                                           
3.     Matthew Willder                                       
4.     Callum Robertson                                      
5.     Ishan Kumar                                                
6.    Ananth Subramaniam   

Event details:

Good luck to everyone taking part

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