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Glorney Festival Online 2020 squads

I am delighted to confirm that the following have been selected for the upcoming Glorney Festival online and have accepted their place. This year we have been allowed reserves in each team. As a result we have been able to select a 'squad' for each tournament and I can confirm that each player will get a minimum of 2 games. Also to confirm that all decisions were made as a group by the Chess Scotland International Junior Selection Committee:

Glorney Cup squad

Jake Sanger
Ben Volland
Marco D'Alessio
Sambhav Chadha
Benjamin Ridge
Jonathan McKay
Andrew McMillan


Gilbert Cup squad

Nivedita Suyal
Florence Wilson
Jennifer Feng
Ashley Tandon


Robinson Cup squad

Callum Robertson
Frederick Gordon
Matthew Willder
Pranav Arcot
Alasdair Sandham
Ross Blackford
Oliver Whalley
Kartike Sharan


Stokes Cup squad

Ishan Kumar
Morvin Gera
Jainill Vadalia
Unnabh Shrestha
Tilak Ittigi
Rishi Vijayakumar
Michael Moroz
Neev Lukhi


Thanks to everyone for getting back to me so quickly. As all selected will know, we are having a training day  for the squads on Saturday the 4th of July. I am grateful to Chess Scotland coaches Richard Jennings, Hamish Olson, Andrew Green, Ali Roy and David Robertson for their support.


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Posted on: 30-06-2020
Categories: Junior News