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Eligibility Vote – March 2022

EWP 12 April 2022, 11.30am: In view of doubts on the legitimacy of the Motion 1 online vote to make a constitutional adjustment the EWP will no longer consider a 2/3rds majority as supporting such a change. The terms of the EWP proposals will be enacted but not embedded in the Constitution and thereby can be adjusted by any future 50% majority.

Motion 2 will proceed as advised since not a constitutional issue.



March 2022: Chess Scotland would like members to vote on two motions related to player eligibility. The two motions are to be considered separately.

An Eligibility Working Party (EWP) was set up after the 2019 AGM and over four months from early November 2019 to mid February 2020 examined the rules and procedures related to eligibility for Championship titles and International representation. The covid pandemic and ongoing restrictions prevented an earlier presentation of the proposals.

Vote on Motion 1 to amend the CS Constitution: 

Vote on Motion 2 to establish rights of GM Matthew Turner: 

Voting will go live at 8pm on Tuesday 5th April and will close at 8pm on Tuesday 12th April.  The voting link is being emailed out to members and can also be accessed from the Membership tab at the menu bar at the top.


Background documents to explain the issues. Any reference in the documents to Eligibility as already in the Constitution will be amended if the vote is not passed. However the details of the policy proposals will still be enacted but with the Eligibility rules outwith the Constitution.

CS Constitution

Eligibility proposals details (pdf)

EWP discussions (pdf)

Selection Operating Procedures (pdf)

FIDE ID Operating Procedure (pdf)

FIDE ID application Form (doc)

FAQ guide (pdf)

CS Forum


Motion 1: 

  • Proposal to amend the Chess Scotland Constitution

Proposed by Douglas Bryson, (Chairman, Eligibility Working Party)

Seconded by Jim Webster, (President of Chess Scotland)

The Chess Scotland Constitution shall be amended to include the following new section 16:

  1. Eligibility

16.1 These rules apply to

- Eligibility for National Individual Championship Titles

- International representation in official FIDE and ECU competitions in a Scotland national team or as a Scotland player in an international individual event.

16.2 There are three eligibility considerations as follows: -

16.2.1 Was the player born in Scotland?

16.2.2 Was either of the player's parents born in Scotland?

16.2.3 Has the player been resident in Scotland for at least two years* immediately prior to the date of receipt of an application to Chess Scotland for an initial FIDE registration or a transfer to Scotland?

(*This period is one year for a junior under the age of 18 at the time of receipt of the application.)

16.3 A positive response to any one of the above three questions would mean that the player is eligible subject to the following provision.

16.3.1 National Individual Championship Titles and International Representation

Players must be SCO registered with FIDE to be eligible for National Individual Championship titles or to represent Scotland in international competition. To be SCO registered a player must satisfy one of the three eligibility criteria as in 16.2 above.

If members vote Yes then the provisions of the motion will be included in the CS Constitution. If
members vote No (or not by the required Yes majority) then the provisions of the motion will be
enacted but will not be in the CS Constitution.


Motion 2: 

  • Proposal to establish the rights of GM Matthew Turner

Proposed by Douglas Bryson, (Chairman, Eligibility Working Party)

Seconded by Alistair Maxwell, (Rules Director of Chess Scotland)

This vote confirms that the full rights normally associated with a SCO registration apply to Matthew Turner.


GM Matthew Turner: The EWP propose that members vote to provide clarification on the future rights of GM Matthew Turner to Championship titles and International representation. Matthew was one of the 2019 co-winners of the title and a summary of the issues surrounding his current Scotland status is given below.

GM Matthew Turner (MT) is currently the highest rated active player with a SCO registration but has never represented Scotland in an international competition. In 2019 he took outright first place in the Scottish Championship which was later adjusted to a joint title win after his title rights were challenged.

This vote is being conducted with the permission of MT.

If members vote Yes they agree with the proposal then Matthew Turner will then have the same rights as any other SCO badged player from the date of the outcome of this vote.

If members vote No they disagree then Matthew Turner would retain his Scotland registration but would only qualify for full SCO rights if he completed a two year period of residency.

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Posted on: 18-03-2022
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