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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Edinburgh Congress

The Edinburgh Congress took place April 4-6, 2014 at a new venue of the David Lloyd Leisure Centre in Newhaven Place.

FIDE report



1st Prize - IM Mark Orr (Wandering Dragons) & FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons), 4.5/5; £375 each

1st Grading Prize (1900-2100) - Raj Bhopal (Wandering Dragons), Duncan Campbell (Oban), 3.5/5; £25 each

2nd Grading Prize (under 1900) – Peter Smith (Ayr), 3/5; £50

East of Scotland Champions – IM Mark Orr & FM Alan Tate, 4.5/5; £25 each

Edinburgh Evening News Cup - Kai Pannwitz (Inverness), 2/5; £30


1st Prize – Richard Kynoch (Wandering Dragons), 4/5; £150

2nd Prize – Joe Parks (Kilmarnock), Mike Cavanagh (Bon Accord), Donald Heron (Wandering Dragons) 3.5/5; £25 each

Grading Prize – Euan Gray (North Juniors), 3.5/5; £30


1st Prize – Nicholas Mahoney (England), 4.5/5; £150

2nd Prize – Neil Irving (Stirling), Noel Boustred (England), Chris Donkin (Wandering Dragons), 4/5; £25 each

Grading Prize – David Potts (Bellshill), Calum McGillivray (Edinburgh) & Paul Shafi (Castlehill), 3.5/5; £10 each


1st Prize – Jason Maxwell (Austin Friars), 5/5; £150

2nd Prize – Simon Kerridge (Bearsden), Bryan O’Rourke (Dunfermline), 4/5; £35 each

Grading Prize – Bruce Chalmers (Renfrew), 3.5/5; £30


1st Prize – Tariq Pasha (North Juniors) 4.5/5; £150

2nd Prize – Andrew Millar (Austin Friars), Ronald Dunnet (Musselburgh), Camas Millar (Austin Friars) Sholpan Namazbayeva (England) 4/5: £20 each

Grading Prize – Ben Hartman (Badgers Brook), Duncan DePasquale (North Juniors), 3.5; £15 each


Best Game – Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons); £30

Most entertaining game prize – Noel Boustred (England), Prize donated by Chess

Giant Killer Prize – Sidharth Berera (South Morningside), grading difference 738 points. £30

Prize draw – Ronald Dunnet (Musselburgh); £30

Dick Heathwoods’ slow starter prize – Andrew and Camas Millar (Austin Friars). £10 prize incorporated into 2nd place Knights prizes.

Best game and most entertaining game judged by Geoff Chandler.

Results by Jim Wallace, grading by Iain Hope.

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