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Edinburgh Congress Results and Grading

The 2017 Edinburgh Congress took place 31 March to 2 April at St. Thomas of Aquin's High School.

Premier   -  FIDE rating
1st: Murad Abdulla (Bon Accord) 5/5 - £500
2nd: GM Ketevan Arakhamia-Grant (Edinburgh West) 4.5/5 - £250

U2100 Grading Prize: Michael Green (Dumfries), Douglas Will (Grangemouth) 3.5/5 - £25.

U1900 Grading Prize: Richard Jennings (Bon Accord), Jake Sanger (Prestwick) 3.5/5 - £25.

East of Scotland Championship Trophy: Murad Abdulla (Bon Accord) 5/5 - £50.

Under 18 Evening News Cup: Murad Abdulla (Bon Accord) 5/5 - £30.


1st: Michael Roth (Perth) 4.5/5 - £150.
2nd= Kevin Mayo (Edinburgh West), Blair Hawthorne (Bon Accord), Neil Irving (Stirling), Andrew MacQueen (Giffnock) 4/5 - £20

U1700 Grading Prize: Ben Volland (Dunfermline) 3.5/5 - £30

U1600 Grading Prize: Andrew McMillan (Oban), Charles Nisbet (Pentland Hills) Will Samson (Edinburgh), Keith McDonald (Musselburgh) 3/5 - £10.


1st= Robert Gibb (Glasgow Polytechnic), Chihon Polanco (University of Edinburgh), Nikola Baltov (Bulgaria), Radindran Kughan (University of Edinburgh) 4/5 - £55

U1400 Grading Prize: Richard Wingfield (London), Liam Tang (Lenzie) 3.5/5 - £15

U1200 Grading Prize: Mark Cullen (Sandy Bells), Sombhav Chadha (Glasgow Academy), John Phillips (Ireland) 3.5/5 - £10.


1st: Tim Allen (London) 4.5/5 - £150
2nd= Graham Wilson (Corstorphine), David King (Musselburgh), Niall Fergusson (Edinburgh), Derek Coope (Oban) 4/5 - £20

U1000 Grading Prize: Pranav Saravanan (Albyn School), Findlay Gibb (North Juniors), David Galbraith (Musselburgh), Scott White (Pentland Hills) 3/5 - £10

Ungraded Prize: Lucas Torroba (University of Edinburgh), Allan Buchan (Edinburgh) 3.5/5 - £15

Under 16 Prize: Pranav Saravanan (Albyn School), Findlay Gibb (North Juniors) 3/5 points - £15


Prize Draw:  Qxg5+ Raymond Pearson (Wales) - £30
The Queen sacrifice was played by Magnus Carlsen when he was 12 years old.

Giant Killing Prize: Benjamin Ridge (Tiger Cubs) 991 defeated a player of 1642, a grading difference of 651 points. - £30

The Best Game Prize: £30
Murad Abdulla (Bon Accord) for his win in Round 3 against FM Charlie Storey (Newcastle).

The Most Entertaining Game: £30
Murad Abdulla (Bon Accord) for his win in Round 4 against George Neave (Edinburgh West).

Both games will feature in SCM.

Results by Dave Stewart, grading by Andy Howie.

Photos by Andy Howie

Photos by Brendan O'Gorman

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