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Edinburgh Congress results 2019


The Edinburgh Congress took place at St Thomas of Aquin's High School April 5-7 2019.

The Prizewinners for this years Edinburgh Congress are listed below and includes the cash amounts which as usual we round up.


Numbers were up this year in which more players from Europe attended. For the Premier Event which was FIDE rated with ten titled players, we achieved 66 players, our highest ever attendance.


(FIDE Rating)

1st=: GM Ketevan Arakhamia Grant (Edinburgh West), GM Daniel Gormally (England), IM Michael Kopylov (Ukraine), IM Adam Hunt (England), FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons), Junhao Xian (Glasgow University) = 4/5 (£125 each)

Grading Prize:  Yichen Han (England), John Jarmany (England), Lennart Koehn (East Kilbride) = 3.5/5 (£20 each)
Grading Prize:  Max Muskath (England), Tariq Pasha (North Juniors), Andrew McCusker (Hamilton) = 3.5./5 (£20 each)

East of Scotland Championship Trophy: GM Ketevan Arakhamia Grant (Edinburgh West), FM Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons)= 4/5 (£50 each)

Under 18 Evening News Cup: Jake Sanger (Prestwick) = 2.5/5 (£50).

Major - Under 1900
1st=: WFM Joy Durno (Newmachar), Michael Ash (Musselburgh) = 4.5/5 (£150 each)

Grading Prize: Neil Fleming (Wandering Dragons), Martin Robinson (Edinburgh West) = 4/5 (£25 each)

Grading Prize: Andrew McMillan (Oban) 3.5/5 (£50)


Bishops - Under 1600
1st: Vagif Ramazanov (Bon Accord) = 4.5/5 (£200)
2nd=: Jamie Hand (University of Edinburgh), Louise Adrian (France), David Teague (England), Andrew Whalley (Edinburgh) = 4/5 points (£25 each).

U1470 Grading Prize: Steve Gibson (Musselburgh), Pranav Arcot (Robert Gordons) = 4/5 (£25 each)

U1370 Grading Prize: Craig Fay (Glasgow Polytechnic) =3.5/5 (£50)


Knights - Under 1400
1st: Greig Gordon (Dunfermline) 5/5 (£200)

2nd: Gary Clarke (Gosforth) =4.5/5 (£100)

U1200 Grading Prize: David Watson (Corstorphine) = 4/5 (£50)
U900 Grading Prize: Ross Blackford (Dunbar), Aryan Munshi(Lenzie) =3.5 (£25 each)


Prize Draw: Ruairidh McKay (Glasgow Montrose) (£30)
Move Nb5. The position was from a game at last year's Olympiad between GM Perez Candelario Manuel (Spain) 2590 v GM Aimen Rizouk (Algeria) 2445. The winning entry was selected by our guest, Gordon Terris from The Herald.

Giant Killing Prize: Ishan Kumar (Lenzie) grade 862 defeated David Houston (Hamilton) grade 1520, a grading difference of 658 points. (£50).


The Best Game Prize

GM Daniel Gormally v GM Ketevan Arakhamia Grant (£25 each)

Jointly for their Draw in Round 5 to tie for first in the Premier.
Spectators were three deep trying to watch this epic game.

YouTube video of the game by Danny Gormally.


The Most Entertaining Game (£50)

IM Michael Kopylov (Ukraine) who defeated Yichen Han (England) in Round 3. The game finished with a Bishop and Knight v King mate, beautifully played.

Both games will be featured in SCM.

Prize report by Dave Stewart

Grading data by John McNicoll, FIDE by Alex McFarlane

Contact if any comments or corrections

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Posted on: 10-04-2019
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