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Covid 19 – Government Guidelines

This is to advise on the current situation regarding COVID 19 and opening up chess clubs.
I will be seeking more formal clarification/advice on a few points directly relating to chess (clubs and leagues) but always with the requirement social distancing.

There is no doubt that there will be a new normal, no matter what comes forward.

It is hoped that we should looking for clubs reopening for the new season (September onwards) but I also know that some facilities may still be in use as vaccination centres.

It is important to note that the responsibility for club venues must be determined by the facility owner rather than club organisers for the foreseeable future.

The following timetable shows the Government requirements currently being applied.


Timetable for Planned Phasing - Scotland

Timetable for planned phasing (Scottish Government)
26 April

Assuming the data allows it, the Scottish Government expects a more significant reopening of the economy and society from 26 April. This will likely include the following easing’s, extending outdoor socialising to permit up to 6 people from up to 3 households to gather.
• allowing 12-17-year-olds to meet outdoors in groups of 6 from up to 6 households.
• travel within all of mainland Scotland permitted (subject to other restrictions that remain in place)
• weddings and funerals for up to 50 (including wakes and receptions with no alcohol permitted)
• outdoor hospitality to open till 10pm with alcohol permitted.
• Indoor hospitality permitted without alcohol and closing at 8pm.
• social mixing in indoor public places will be subject to current maximum of 4 people from up to 2 households.

The prohibition of in-home socialising will continue to be kept under review at this date.
17 May

From 17 May we hope to introduce the following easing’s:
• re-introducing in-home socialising for up to 4 people from up to 2 households.
• further re-opening of hospitality: bars, pubs, restaurants, and cafes can stay open until 10.30pm indoors with alcohol permitted and 2-hour, time-limited, slots and until 10pm outdoors with alcohol permitted.
• adult outdoor contact sport and indoor group exercises can resume.
small scale indoor and outdoor events can resume subject to capacity constraints
(to be confirmed following stakeholder engagement).


We understand the need for people and businesses to plan and so, to give a broad sense of likely timings, from the start of June, we would aim for Scotland to move back to Level 1. This will allow further relaxation across all areas of the economy and society, while still applying physical distancing and other non-pharmaceutical interventions and the FACTS guidance. From the end of June, we hope that we will be able to move to Level 0.
We will not leave any restrictions in place for any longer than they are necessary to meet our responsibility to safeguard the people of Scotland.

Early June

up to 6 people from up to 3 households can socialise indoors in a home or public place.
• up to 8 people from 3 households can socialise outdoors.
• 8 12-17-year-olds can meet socially from 8 households outdoors.
• hospitality can remain open until 11pm
• attendance at events can increase, subject to capacity constraints.
• indoor non-contact sport can take place.

From end of June
• events increase numbers subject to capacity constraints.

Limits to households mixing indoors and outdoors. (Scottish Government)

Events Guidance

The limits on households mixing indoors and outdoors apply to all sectors and are critically important. Businesses must ensure staff are aware of the limits when taking bookings and that they are ready to challenge any attempt to make bookings for numbers that clearly exceed the limits. Staff should ask whether limits on mixing of households is being observed when taking enquiries and either reject a booking request which would exceed the limits or offer an alternative for a booking within the limits. This is a maximum of 6 people from no more than 2 different households, indoors and outdoors. Children under 12 are exempt but must still not be from more than 2 different households. Where it is obvious groups of attendees are starting to congregate (in either indoor or outdoor service spaces) and exceeding the limits then advice should also be offered on the limits for mixing of households. For further advice - consult guidance on meeting others

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Posted on: 08-04-2021
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