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COVID 19 – August 2021

COVID Update 9th August 2021


From Monday 9 August most remaining legal restrictions end. It means:

  • No physical distancing, or limits on the size of social gatherings
  • No venues legally required to close
  • There will be no longer be a limit on the number of people allowed to meet in indoor or outdoor settings, and the guidance on social distancing will be lifted.

However, some requirements will continue, including:

  • Face coverings compulsory on public transport and inside places like shops "for some time to come"
  • Indoor hospitality venues must collect customer contact details
  • Travel restrictions will continue
  • People will continue to be advised to work from home where possible
  • Organisers of large events must apply for permission
  • Restrictions remain in schools for the first six weeks of the new term, including 1m physical distancing.

Trace and Trace Requirements

Clubs (and Congresses) will, for the foreseeable future, be required to maintain a register of ALL visitors to their premises.
(Note that a club is designated as an “Indoor Hospitality Venue” in its own right)

The data required is :

  • Name, Phone No, Time in, Time out   -- Date

It is the responsibility for the CLUB to collect this data – not the venue.

You should hold records for 21 days from the date of each separate instance in which a person has been on the premises.
This will allow for contact tracing and testing, should it be required.

Scots who come into close contact with a positive case will not need to self-isolate, provided that they are double vaccinated and receive a negative PCR test.


After 21 days, this information MUST be securely disposed of, or deleted.

A downloadable Trace & Track Form is available Trace and Track Record 

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Posted on: 09-08-2021
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