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Continuation of AGM / Council Meeting

The matters that we were unable to discuss from the AGM due to time, along with a council meeting will he held at 10:30am at the Adelphi Centre in Glasgow on 11th January, 2014

Members were invited to submit proposals for council by  28th December.

The agenda is as follows

For the AGM portion

1. Remaining motions

1.1 That the current system of charging people to bring a case up with the Chess Scotland Standards Committee be scrapped-it is an impediment to the attainment of natural justice.

Proposed Gilbert Alomenu, Seconded Bernard Cassidy

1.2 Motion to create a Working Party to explore the use of live boards and internet to allow players from remote Scottish communities to participate in Chess Scotland congress events.

The logistics and expense of travelling to Chess Scotland congress events precludes a proportion of chess players who live in remote locations of the country from participating at Chess Scotland supported events. Internet is now widely available in many of these remote locations which would allow chess players to transmit played moves to a congress event in real time. It would be possible for a player in a remote location to play a game over the internet and have those moves relayed onto a chess board by a volunteer sitting at a congress board or in time by an automated board as demonstrated in the following video clip To ensure fair play the remote player will be supervised by an independent observer such as an arbiter, fellow chess club member etc. Such conditions may also apply to participants within Scotland who cannot attend Congresses for other special reasons e.g. a disability. Although there are a number of potential logistic problems the Working Party will investigate these and make recommendations on overall feasibility.

Proposed : Sean Milton Seconded: Gerald Lobley, David Deary, David Congalton, Calum MacQueen

1.3 Progress report from Sub Committee formed at the recent Council meeting to consider recommendations to improve CS handling of PVG incidents.

Proposed Linda McCusker Seconded Derek Howie

1.4 Chess Scotland shall run at least 5 separate events for Junior Chess Players in Scotland. These should include Primary Champion (Girl/Boy), Secondary Champion (Girl/Boy), Primary Team Event, Secondary Team Event and Inter County Championship.

The reason for this is to encourage chess within schools and to ensure that Chess Scotland continues to have a healthy crop of junior players.

Proposed Rob Copeland, Seconded David Deary


Council meeting

No proposals have been received but the following discussion items have been requested

1.Role of Council and Directors within Chess Scotland - Derek Howie

The next four are from Andy Muir

2.Proxy voting

3,Grandparent rule

4.Blocking of a motion by the president

5.Naming guilty parties by the standards committee

6. CS Calendar - David Deary


Andy Howie
Executive Director



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Posted on: 30-12-2013
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