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Chess Scotland Statement – Seniors Event at the Scottish Championship

There has been some confusion over the Senior Prizes at the Scottish International Open and Championships.

The concept of having a Senior 65 and a Senior 50 title were not thought through fully. Chess Scotland and Tournament Director Alex McFarlane apologise to all concerned, especially Craig Pritchett, for this misunderstanding. Craig finished a half point ahead of all other senior players.

It was intended that there should be two prizes awarded but clearly it was not fully appreciated that the Senior 50 has greater status than the Senior 65 title.

There is a title of Junior Champion, with the top youngster of the opposite sex being awarded the title of Boy or Girl Champion as appropriate. A similar strategy should be adopted for the Senior event.

The highest finishing player over 50 will be awarded the title of “Scottish Senior Champion”.

Subsequently the title of Senior 65 or Senior 50 will be awarded to the highest appropriate person who is not Scottish Senior Champion.

In the case of the “Scottish Senior Champion” title being shared by players above and below the 65 threshold then these players will be entitled to call themselves Scottish Senior Champion and no further titles will be awarded.

This procedure recognises the desire for two awards whilst apportioning appropriate kudos regardless of age ‘category’.

This will be applied retrospectively to this year’s event.

Chess Scotland is therefore pleased to announce that Craig Pritchett is the overall 2015 Scottish Senior Champion and that Colin McNab and Roddy McKay share the Senior 50 title.

Alex McFarlane
Andy Howie

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Posted on: 20-07-2015
Categories: News