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Bobby Fischer Against the World

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At Scottish cinemas for one night only, August 2nd. Playing at Aberdeen Belmont Picturehouse and Edinburgh Cameo

A tragic and compelling story of the rise and fall of a sublime chess genius and 20th century icon. I wept when I saw it.” Nigel Short MBE

Global superstar, chess prodigy, angry recluse and fugitive - the spellbinding story of Bobby Fischer is one of Greek tragedy proportions.  Bobby Fischer Against the World is a fascinating portrait of the world's youngest ever chess champion and American icon.

A compelling look at the tragic and bizarre life of an enigmatic champion Empire Magazine ****

The List ****  Total Film  ****   View London ****

Bobby Fischer Against the World is the brand new documentary exploring the complex life of the troubled genius whose charisma and talent spurred a worldwide fascination with the “game of kings.”  Fischer's evolution from his childhood to chess prodigy, global superstar, angry recluse and finally fugitive from the law is a spellbinding story of the making and unmaking of an American icon.

Focusing extensively on the thrilling 1972 World Championship match between Fischer and Boris Spassky, breaking down the historic tournament game by game, the film features rare archival footage of Bobby as well as insightful interviews with Gary Kasparov, Susan Polgar, Sam Sloan and Dr. Anthony Saidy.

July 5th saw the London premiere of Bobby Fischer Against the World . Grandmaster Nigel Short MBE played 20 opponents simultaneously. Opponents varied from comedians, journalists, 5 young members of the London Hackney chess club and world snooker champion Steve Davis (see image below).

The film opens Friday 15th July at Cinemas regionally including the Glasgow Film Theatre , Edinburgh Filmhouse , Dundee Contemporary Arts

For your nearest screening and to watch the trailer visit:

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Steve Davis v Nigel Short

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Posted on: 03-08-2011
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