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SCT 6th Weekender results

6th October 2020

Results of the 6th Scottish Chess Tour Weekender October 4-6 2020


1st Theodoros Vasiliadis 7/9

2nd Derek McCormack 6.5/9

3rd Rishi Vijayakumar 6/9


Junior U300

1st Zac Bentley    5.5/6

2nd Meiting Wang 5/6

3rd Tavish-R 4/6


Junior U600

1st Ollie Marenduzzo 5.5/6

2nd Drisith Palaniswamy 5.5/6

3rd Alagu Karthick 5/6



1st David Potts 4/5

2nd Matthew Robson 4/5

3rd Raymond Flood 4/5



1st Raghav Palanivel 4.5/5

2nd Morvin Gera 4.5/5

3rd Isaac Browning 4/5


results by David Clayton

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