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Announcement of SGM

Please note Amendments list added and Proxy time limit extended - see below. (added 7/7/2015)

This is to give members notice that there will be an SGM at 10:30am on the morning of Tuesday 14th of July, 2015. The meeting will take place at the Tom Fleming Centre, Stewart’s Melville College, Edinburgh, EH4 3EZ.

The motion to be considered from the Constitution Working Party is as follows.

1. To accept and adopt, from the 2015 AGM forward, the Constitution 2015 as developed by the Constitution Working Party (CWP) and presented to Council for review.

The Constitution 2015 was presented to Council, by the CWP, on Saturday 30th May where proposals/comments were made. These comments were then actioned by the CWP and amendments made as necessary. The updated Constitution 2015 was then circulated to all Council members on June 6th including those unable to attend the meeting.

Following this circulation a small number of further comments/corrections were received and once again, where relevant, these have been included in the final published version.

There are 2 accompanying documents to support the Constitution 2015
* Structure Chart for ease of readability
* Summary of major changes
These documents do not form part of Constitution 2015, but were produced to aid readability.

Once we get the Constitution 2015 in place the work can then work can start on the Job Descriptions, Operating Procedures and other procedures.

The documents can be found here

Amendment Proposals (added 7/7/2015)
New Constitution (updated 26/6/2015 to correct a typo)
New Structure
Summary of Changes

Anyone who cannot attend, may nominate a proxy by notifying the Executive Director by 8th July, 2015 (deadline changed on 7/7/2015)

Please note proxy notification has been extended until 8pm on Wednesday 8th July. 

Andy Howie is unavailable until Thursday, out of internet and phone contact, and this has delayed the posting of the amendments document. In the interest of those members wishing this information prior to casting proxies the time limit has been extended.


Update on SGM from CWP

There seems to be some misunderstanding about how the SGM will operate. The final outcome will be to vote on whether a new Constitution for Chess Scotland should be accepted. During the pre-amble to that vote, each Section will be briefly discussed and any proposed changes voted on. Such proposed change(s) to a Section need to be formally proposed and seconded, as required under the current Constitution. Any proposed amendments should be sent in writing (email) to both Andy Howie AND Jim Webster by 9 pm on Monday 6th July so they can made available to the membership. If an amendment is carried then that becomes part of the new Constitution that will be voted on at the end of the meeting.

Update from CWP 11 July

In response to questions raised on the CS Forum, we would like to state the following - CS will be responsible for the conduct and running of the SGM and therefore responsible for the presentation of the Proposed New Constitution. Also that those amendments that were received within the stipulated timescale will be debated on a section by section basis against the Proposed New Constitution.

Members should also note that the Final Agenda and Order of Business will be published on the CS Website and Public Forum as soon as possible.

There is a discussion on the forum on the constitution. As not all Chess Scotland Members are members of the forum, the discussion has been moved to the public area. It can be accessed here

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Posted on: 24-06-2015
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