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Alien v Predator Team Battle 2021

Sunday 28th November  (1 day event)

Junior Event  |  Time Controls: Blitz  |  Website

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Alien v Predator Team Battle

On Lichess Arena

Sunday 28th November 2021
Starting at 5.30pm 

Open to all young people attending school and wishing to join forces with their friends to fight dark forces from afar. Players from the West/North West/South West of Scotland will play in Alien Team and players from the East/North East/South East of Scotland will play in Predator Team.

Entry Fee £5

Prizes will be awarded to the top scoring players in each team.

Any questions regarding prizes should be raised with the tournament director prior to entry.

Results will be confirmed after Anti-Cheating checks are completed.

2 hours of battle and reward on arena platform to gain mastery of the universe and a nice certificate at the end!

Players must join either the Aliens or Predatorz Team on prior to the tournament.

Time Control: 5mins + 5 secs increment per player.

The organisers reserve the right to switch players between teams, decline entry and remove players from the tournament

Anti Cheating Measures

Please note, by entering the competition, you are agreeing to these conditions

Internet chess provider anti-cheating detection will be in place, with provider sanctions and rights of appeal as set out in the provider’s terms and conditions; in the event that a player’s account has been marked or closed by the provider for using computer assistance any appeal must be made to the provider.

In addition we will be screening the PGNs of the games using the FIDE Screening tool run by Professor Ken Regan. We will also have a member of the FIDE Fair Play Commission overseeing the Anti Cheating measures.

A player whose account on the provider’s website has been marked or closed for using computer assistance, or has been picked up in the FIDE screen, will have their results set as a loss and removed from the tournament. If the FIDE screen indicates that the cheating occurred in the event, a report will be sent to the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee who will make a determination as to any further punishment as required.

Please note, as we are using a provider, if you use computer assistance in other games, your account could be banned mid tournament even although you have not been using computer assistance for the tournament!

Players have the right to appeal. For a removal from a tournament due to FIDE screen, it would be to the Anti Cheating Committee. For a subsequent punishment from the Anti Cheating Committee, it would be to the Management Board.

All data will be held in compliance with the Chess Scotland Data Protection policy