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5th Inverness Congress results

There were 51 players in the 5th Inverness Chess Congress which took place at the Chieftain Hotel September 1-3, 2017


FIDE data

1st.:- Julius Schwarz 4.5 £120

2nd.:- Richard Birkett 4 £80

GP Stephen McQuillan & Robert Kane 3.5 £15 each



FIDE data

1st.:- John Cawston 4.5 £120

2nd.:- Keith Aitchison 5 £80

GP Jonathan MacKay 3.5



1st.:- Sam Coates 4.5 £120

2nd.:- Walter Pearson 4 £80

GP 2.5 £5 each

Daniel Boyle

Andy McCulloch

Ananth Subramaniam

David Newton

James Collins



Jonathan MacKay


Inverness FIDE Blitz Results - 2 September 2017

FIDE data

Eleven players and a filler participated in a 9 round Saturday evening FIDE blitz tournament in Inverness on the 2 September.

It was held during the 5th Inverness Chess Congress, between round 3 finishing on Saturday afternoon and round 4 starting on Sunday morning. So it gave those players who were playing chess in the weekend tournament even more opportunity to play chess!!

Prize List:

1=  - Andrew Newton 8/9

1=  - Julius Schwarz 8/9

3rd - Steve Harvey 6/9

GP U1600 - Kalyan Sai Nandan Kante 4.5/9

GP Ungraded - Sam Coates 4.5/9

Results by David Clayton, grading by John McNicoll


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Posted on: 05-09-2017
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