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Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

1st Scottish Online Chess Triathlon Championships

Friday 14th August to Sunday 16th August  (3 day event)

Time Controls: Regular  |  Rounds: 15

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Hosted on

14th – 16th August

15 rounds, 3 days 3 disciplines (Lightning, Allegro and Standard). 5 Rounds of each.

Do you have it in you to be Chess Scotland Triathlon Champion?

Rules for tournament

Open to both members and non members

Scottish titles will only be awarded to players who have satisfied Scottish eligibility conditions and have a FIDE registration with Scotland. Any eligible player must also be a member of Chess Scotland.

Players must join the Chess Scotland Club as in tournament communications will be made there.

Pairing will be posted on  Real names and Lichess handles will be displayed in the pairing.

Chess Scotland Grades will be used for the pairing which will be done using Swiss manager.

Player playing white challenges player playing black when the draw is made.  Please see separate sheet for instructions.

Byes may be requested, final round byes will score 0 points

Time Control

Standard  45 minutes + 15 second increment

Allegro 15 minutes + 5 second increment

Lightning  3 Minutes + 3 seconds increment



Friday 14th August (approximate timings)

Round 1 – 5 (Lightning)  – 7:00pm


Round 6 – 8:30pm
Round 7 – 9:30pm

Saturday 15th August

Round 8 – 9:30am
Round 9 – 10:30am
Round 10 – 11:30am


Round 11 –  1:30pm
Round 12 –  4:30pm

Sunday 16th August

Round 13 –  10:30pm
Round 14 –  1:30pm
Round 15 –  4:30pm

Lightning, we will play continuously starting each round as the previous one finishes


£15, £5 discount for Chess Scotland Members and Junoirs

Online Entry Form



Prizes will depend on the number of entrants. As a rough guide, here is an idea of prizes for the Tournament

Players 20 30 40 50 60
1st 40 60 80 100 120
2nd 20 30 40 50 60
3rd 10 15 20 25 30
GP1 10 15 20 25 30
GP2 15 20 25 30

Prize money will only be paid out once anti cheating screen has been completed and will be paid out either through paypal or bank transfer.  Winners will be contacted for their preference.

Anti Cheating Measures

Please note, by entering the competition, you are agreeing to these conditions

Internet chess provider anti-cheating detection will be in place, with provider sanctions and rights of appeal as set out in the provider’s terms and conditions; in the event that a player’s account has been marked or closed by the provider for using computer assistance any appeal must be made to the provider.

In addition we will be screening the PGNs of the games using the FIDE Screening tool run by Professor Ken Regan.  We will also have a member of the FIDE Fair Play Commission overseeing the Anti Cheating measures.

A player whose account on the provider’s website has been marked or closed for using computer assistance, or has been picked up in the FIDE screen, will have their results set as a loss and removed from the tournament. If the FIDE screen indicates that the cheating occurred in the event, a report will be sent to the Scottish Anti-Cheating Committee who will make a determination as to any further punishment as required.

Please note, as we are using a provider, if you use computer assistance in other games, your account could be banned mid tournament even although you have not been using computer assistance for the tournament!

Players have the right to appeal.  For a removal from a tournament due to FIDE screen, it would be to the Anti Cheating Committee.  For a subsequent punishment from the Anti Cheating Committee, it would be to the Management Board.


Allegro & Standardplay games will be graded on the Chess Scotland Allegro grading system. 


Tournament Director & Chief Arbiter  IA Andy Howie Whatsapp +447921810910
Arbiter – Karen Howie