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Junior Chess – Online

26th March 2020


I have created an online chess club for children to help fight boredom during these strange times. Please feel free to share the message below. Thanks!

Dear Parents,

I have created a private online chess club for juniors in Scotland where they can play against one another whenever they like in our very own "Class". I will be running regular tournaments, sharing my favourite videos, creating some of my own videos and posting tasks for children to do. If there is enough interest, I will create matches between schools.

How? I will create your child a Lichess account. This is my favourite chess website and is free to play on. The username will be completely anonymous so children are protected. All children will have "kid" mode enabled and will not be able to disable it. This means there is no messaging and children are completely secure.

Once you fill out the form you will receive an email from me ASAP with the username and password.

I hope they enjoy playing on our Online Chess Club!

Feel free to share with anyone who has children that might be interested. Even if they do not know how to play, they can learn the basics here.

As a child, I got bored very easily. When I found chess it changed my life and I learned to occupy myself. Chess has so many educational benefits and is the perfect way to improve problem solving abilities.

To join the club please fill out this form.

Best wishes,
Andrew Green
Candidate Master

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