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Grand Prix 2019-2020 Leaderboard Updates

13th February 2020

FEB 13, 2020: Grand Prix Leaderboards updated to include  Perth Congress.

CS membership is required for prize eligibility in the adult sections. New memberships can still be backdated to Jan 1 until membership is fixed for the season around mid-March.

*** Scottish Grand Prix – Leaderboards

Candidates Section
Challengers Section
Major Section
Minor Section

Walter Munn Junior Grand Prix – Leaderboards

Junior Pawns
Junior Knights
Junior Bishops
Junior Rooks

Grand Prix Introduction and News (Sep 21, 2019)

Chessbase, New in Chess, Chess Evolution and Scottish Crane sponsor Grand Prix

Previous GP Winners

Rules for the Junior Grand Prix (Sep 21, 2019)

Perth Congress 2020 results

12th February 2020

FIDE Rating List – February 2020

1st February 2020

Chess Scotland 100 Club

31st January 2020

Richardson Cup 2019-2020

28th January 2020

Spens Cup 2019-2020

28th January 2020

European Youth, World Youth & World Cadets 2020

21st January 2020

Lothians Allegro 2020 results

16th January 2020

December E-Mag 2019

28th December 2019

Online Grading System Free Access – 2019

21st December 2019

Liverpool Quadrangular 2019 – report

11th December 2019

Nancy Elder 2020

6th December 2019

Malawi 2019 Results

4th December 2019

Govanhill Baths results

27th November 2019

October E-Mag

20th November 2019

Oban Grading and Prize Winners

17th November 2019

AGM Outcomes

15th November 2019

Alex McFarlane – Resignation

15th November 2019

Jim Webster

15th November 2019

SNCL results 2019-2020

13th November 2019