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Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland International Junior Selection Criteria

Chess Scotland recognise the advantage of junior international competition and endeavour to support international events in the interest of raising the level of chess knowledge and developing sporting and cultural exchange among its junior members.

The International Junior Director and an appointed group of chess selectors will determine which junior international events will be supported by Chess Scotland in the forthcoming season and post these dates on the Chess Scotland web site at the earliest opportunity herunterladen. It should be noted that these dates may be subject to change by the host Organiser and/or FIDE.

To allow sufficient time for players to prepare for each event, invitations will be distributed, wherever possible, immediately after completion of the player selection process. 


Selection Criteria

Scottish Junior selections will be determined by the Chess Scotland Junior Selectors using the following criteria:

  • Eligibility for National Representation  
  • Chess playing strength & standard of play paypal reports.
  • Capability to compete in international junior competition.
  • Membership of Chess Scotland
  • Quantity and Quality of Chess Activity
  • Fair Play Conduct at All Levels of Chess 



To be eligible to play for Scotland a player must satisfy specific criteria as per general eligibility for national representation. Please see  for more information on this kostet herunterladen bei netflix. If the player meets these criteria, they should either have SCO registered as their federation or be unregistered and therefore be available to register as SCO. 


Playing Strength & Standard of Play

Selectors will consider a player’s Chess Scotland live grading as a primary indicator of playing strength herunterladen. Adult weekend congress performances will also be used as the benchmark for international selection. When a player’s congress results are not available, all formats and standards of games played will be used to establish a player’s playing strength. An overall assessment of a player’s performance during the twelve months preceding selection will be used.

Selectors will also consider the performance of the player in key junior events adobe indesign cs2 download kostenlos. This would include the Primary Individual Championship for under-12 team selection.


Capability to Compete in International Junior Competition

Assessment of a player’s international competitiveness will be made by comparing the players playing strength against historical performances at previous international events by Scottish players of similar age, gender and playing strength. In each opportunity, it is important to determine whether the player is ready for international junior competition level. 


Chess Scotland Membership 

Players who wish to be considered for selection are responsible for ensuring:

  • That their membership to Chess Scotland is up to date and valid for the duration of the event 
  • That contact details (address, telephone, email) are current and that the Chess Scotland membership secretary has been updated on any recent changes
  • That all rating results from games outside Chess Scotland jurisdiction (and within the jurisdiction of other federations) are submitted each season and the Chief Grader is advised of any inaccuracies in either their Chess Scotland grading or FIDE rating windows xp home edition kostenlos herunterladen.


Quantity & Quality of Chess Activity

Quantity and quality of chess activity are key inputs to ensure the reliability of grading. To be considered for selection a player must have completed a minimum of 20 graded games over the prior 12 months. In addition, they must have competed in either a FIDE rated event or an adult congress event so that some variety of opponents and styles can be assumed neue windows media player 13 kostenlos downloaden.


Fair Play Conduct

Participation in any event is subject to the player, parent and any other accompanying person agreeing to any applicable Chess Scotland code of conduct for international junior events, which covers teamwork and other behavioural requirements. The International Junior Director may withdraw a player’s tournament registration at any time and decline to invite players or parents to future events in the context of evidence of behaviour detrimental to good teamwork or other material breaches spider solitär kostenlos. Good sportsmanship should be exercised at all levels of chess, including online and/or friendly games on all chess platforms. The use of computer assistance during any such games is considered an infringement of fair play. 


Invitations to Play for Chess Scotland 

Chess Scotland invitations are a privilege, not a right afforded to any player by virtue of his or her status as a Chess Scotland member modern combat versus herunterladen. Chess Scotland reserves the right to withhold invitations to any specific event, or to change these criteria without prior notice and to withdraw any participant or an entire team in the interest of health, safety or as a consequence of misconduct. Please note that if a player does not respond to invitations by the time appointed on an invitation letter, that player may lose the privilege of selection harry potter games free pc.


Invitational Junior Events

Many of the above selection characteristics are taken into consideration but Chess Scotland also looks to expand the experience of the wider chess playing community and that may mean some of the higher rated players are occasionally not extended an invitation. Chess Scotland uses invitational events, particularly with juniors, to include some of those at the lower range of the age brackets as an opportunity to assess potential and as a team building exercise.

Invitations, or the lack of, to such events are not considered as an indication of future international selection.