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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

May 2022: Chess Scotland recognise the advantage of international competition and endeavour to support international events in the interest of raising the level of chess knowledge in the Scottish chess community and help develop sporting and cultural exchange among both adult and junior members herunterladen.

Selection Criteria – Adult

Reference – Job Description – International Director

The International Director will seek to ensure that all selections are made in the best interests of Chess
Scotland windows 7 product key. A selection committee, under the chairmanship of the International Director, will establish the composition of team(s) and select individuals to represent Chess Scotland herunterladen. The selection committee will be anonymous (but known to the Chess Scotland President).

Both algorithm-based and/or principle-based rules may be used for the selection process, to give
guidance to the selection committee whilst allowing reasonable flexibility to choose the most
appropriate team(s) photoshop elements 9 herunterladen. Selection committees will act on the best information available to them at the time
of selection.

Principles for selection are:
4.1 herunterladen. All players must have a SCO badge as their FIDE designation.

4.2. Only current paid-up Chess Scotland members can be considered for selection and if successful must continue as CS members during the period of the tournament for which they are selected safari 11.

4.3. Current playing strength is a key factor for selection

4.4 Other factors, such as appropriate involvement (both past or present) in the Scottish scene, may also be considered where can I download ios 12.

The selection committee may consider a number of indicators of strength in reaching decisions. These may include but not limited to:
4.5 herunterladen apps android. Known grades: primarily FIDE, then Scottish, then others.

4.6. Activity: both international and domestic; although no minimum number games have been set, it is expected of our international representatives that they be ‘match-fit’ for international events for which they are selected kostenlose spiele zum jetzt herunterladen.

4.7. Recent trends in results: recent gains in playing strength may be looked upon favourably when deciding between otherwise ‘equal’ players herunterladen.

4.8. Achievements: such as winning titles or championships and achieving norms, which stand out from a player’s own results, or those of other players.

4.9. Level of opposition faced: good results against stronger opposition may be looked upon favourably when deciding between otherwise ‘equal’ players.

However, establishing current strength is not an exact science and the weightings given to any factor are at the discretion of the selection committee. It is expected that the selection committee will exercise fairness and best judgement in making decisions.

Eligibility Policy