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The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Chess Scotland

The home of Chess in Scotland

Team Chess

Chess Olympiad

The Chess Olympiad is the most important international team event with over 150 countries taking part every two years kindle buch bei amazon herunterladen. Chess Scotland has regularly sent a team since its admission to FIDE in 1932 and has an unbroken record of participation since 1964.

Scotland at the 2018 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2016 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2014 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2012 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2010 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2008 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2006 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2004 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2002 Olympiad

Scotland at the 2000 Olympiad

Scotland at the 1998 Olympiad

European Team Championship

The European Team Championship is currently held every two years in alternate years to the Olympiad and is the other main team event in which Chess Scotland takes part hangouts herunterladen. Scotland first sent a team to the 1989 Championship and has taken part at every opportunity since.

Euro Team 2021

Euro Team 2019

Euro Team 2017

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Euro Team 1999

Individual Chess

Scotland has 500 internationally rated players seeking to improve their rankings but it is a much smaller proportion who have attained an international title wo kann man kostenlos serienen. On the international rating list run by FIDE, Scotland has six Grandmasters (GMs) Keti Grant, Colin McNab, Paul Motwani, Jonathan Rowson, John Shaw, Jacob Aagaard mms wlan.

Chess Scotland enters players where official registration is required e.g. European Individual Championships and selects players for some official championships e.g operating system for free windows 7. British Championship, Commonwealth Championship and European Union Championship and International Opens e.g. Cappelle-la-Grande where a nomination place is offered by the organisers lego ninjago tournament spielen.

Women’s Chess

The strongest chess countries in the world, especially those in Eastern Europe and China, run chess events for women, from junior to senior level, separately to men microsoft streams herunterladen. The number of women playing competitive chess at adult level in Scotland is currently significantly less than those of men. However at junior level there is a growing number of girl players and there is a clear challenge for Chess Scotland to develop this talent to international level endnote kostenlos downloaden. At this time, Chess Scotland does not run any women only international events.

Senior Chess

Chess truly is a game that can be played competitively from “cradle to grave” with many GMs and IMs maintaining high level play into their 60s and 70s tomtom homeen nederlands. Separate senior international events have grown in popularity and Scotland has been well represented in recent years. Chess Scotland membership and the grading system captures date of birth on renewal which should assist in establishing eligibility for senior events books download free pdf.

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On this page you can find out about the long history of Scotland’s international chess activity and Scottish participation in forthcoming and recent international events:
* Team
* Individual
* Women chess
* Senior chess


Chess Scotland selects teams and individual players according to the selection policy where organisers limit representation although many international tournaments allow entry simply by payment of an entry fee.

Key aspects of Chess Scotland’s international organisation

All aspects of Chess Scotland’s international involvement are run by a Board headed by the International Director

A selection panel will assist the International Director by making selections for events. The panel may vary and will not themselves be candidates in events where a selection is to be made.

Chess Scotland’s selection policy for adults – click here for details

Chess Scotland’s guidance notes on which players can represent Scotland – click here for details.