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Grand Prix - double or single points?
I was pleasantly surprised today to find myself joint top of my section of the (always mention the sponsor) Scottish Grand Prix.
But, at the risk of costing myself GP points, should the East Dunbartonshire Congress be counting for double points as a "large weekend congress" ?
I recall a discussion on the old board where it said the cut-off between 'large' and 'small' weekenders was 50 adult players.
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Hi Alan,

My reading on it (although Dougie Bryson would be best placed to respond) is that last season CS changed the rules for the grand prix and as you rightly point out these were:

The cut off between 'large' and 'small' weekenders being 50 adult players.

However, due to player unrest this rule was reviewed by CS Council and rescinded from this season onwards so we are back to weekend events gaining a two time multiplier and allegros and one day weekly events gaining a one time multiplier.

With all that said the prior rule seems to still be present on the GP Rules page:

Quote:"Large" weekend congress is defined as a minimum combined total of 50 players in the adult sections for GP purposes.

My expectation was that the rules had changed but now I'm not so sure. :\

The standings on the GP leaderboard are correct in my view but the rules page on the website needs updated. I hope this provides a little clarity.
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Rule has changed as per the council meeting.

Thanks for pointing out that the rules on the web are out of date. Will ask to have them changed
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Thanks for the clarification Andy.
I thought I was right in what I said but wasn't sure.

P.S. You are only two posts in front of me now. I'm coming to get you... ;P
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
Yes it's double points all w/e main list events this season - regardless of size of event.

I was delaying updating the GP rules to see if AGM would lead to any further debate, changes or even change of invigilator.

Will update rules page shortly and try and rewrite to clarify some of the other points that were raised last season.
Double pts for all weekend congresses? I played in two closed TAFCA events played last season at Ninewells, Dundee. I dont recall getting any GP pts for either. I hope these this season will get the GP credit that the players and organiser of the event deserves.
I guess one of the events to which you refer is the TAFCA Individual. The organiser of this event is contacted every year to ask if they want the event included in the Grand Prix. This is an event organised by the league ancillary to the main league programme. As such it is graded at a 50% discount to normal g-fee rates.

Fot the event to be included in the Grand Prix it would have to pay the same rates as other congresses. Over the last few years the organisers have preferred to pay the lower fee and not be in GP.

If that was one of the events - what was the other?
An allegro event...
Found it - TAFCA Individual Allegro.

Same again the organiser was asked if they would like the event included in the GP or processed as an ancillary league event at half price - they chose the discounted grading fee.

Why not ask the league if you think these events should be included in the Grand Prix.

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