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PVG (Child Protection) - Service for Clubs & Congresses
There have been a number of changes in the area of PVG (child protection) and a new service for the benefit of clubs and congresses has now progressed beyond the pilot stage. The existing pilot scheme approach has now been formally launched on a national basis. The principles of the service are set out in the paragraph headed “Clubs & Congresses” in The detailed operation of the service is explained in the page

The Chess Scotland Lead Signatory, Steve Mannion Snr, and the Additional Signatory, Dick Heathwood, hope that clubs and congresses throughout Scotland will find this a useful service to build confidence that legal obligations are being met at local clubs and congresses.

The service is mainly addressing situations where clubs and congresses are specifically aimed at the participation of juniors but may be considered relevant in other cases, e.g. where a “normal” local club for adults operates a junior training programme or a congress is running a junior event.

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