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European Braille Championships
Stephen Hilton Wrote:I am sending you greetings from Rhodes.
After 4 rounds I am on 2 points, with two losses as white against players from Ukraine and Croatia, and 2 wins as black against players from Greece and Poland. Tomorrow will be tough though as I have white against former double world champion Sergey Krylov from Russia.
Re: previous posting
Stephen's asked me to update everyone on his final result which was 4.5 from 9 games (50%)
He feels, in particular, that the result marks him out as a serious contender in the forthcoming inaugural World Championship for the Disabled being held in Dresden in October
Game details will be supplied on his return
Chris Laidlaw (Hampton)
Good result, Stephen. Good luck in Dresden!
Stephen has asked me to point out that he's not intending to play in Dresden as I previously indicated.
He is hoping, however, to be selected to play in the 2012 Olympiad. Apologies all round for the error.
Stephen wrote:
"I am not going to the Dresden event. Could you please edit that piece on the noticeboard. I am hopeful of selection for the Braille team for the next Braille Olympiad in INdia next year.
Change it quickly
Best Wishes
Thanks Craig for the kind words. On the day of the tournament I fell ill with an asthma attack but played in tournament.
I scored 1.5/5 with white, but 2 of my opponetns were in the top 6 blind players. They were Sergey Krylov,regarded as the best blind player in the world from Russia and Sergey Wassin from the Ukraine.
I enjoyed the opportunity to play people of this calibre.
I scored 3/4 with black. Overall I won 4 drew 1 lost 4 giving me 4.5/9
I thank you all for your support

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