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PVG (Child Protection)
Retrospective checking of Disclosure Certificates and conversion to the new PVG Record Scheme.

In February of this year, the authorities announced a delay in the implementation of the next phase of migration to the PVG scheme. The delay meant that Chess Scotland (as with all other similar volunteer organisations) were unable to seek PVG membership for Chess Scotland registered volunteers who had already been subject to the old Child Protection disclosure arrangements. It has now been announced that the migration of existing volunteers to PVG membership can commence at the end of October 2012, albeit with severely restricted volumes.

It is anticipated by CRBS that retrospective checking will take some 36 months. Existing PVG scheme members are not impacted in any way, this change only affects child protection volunteers who are not yet PVG scheme members.

The Lead Signatory, Steve Mannion Snr, and the Alternate Signatory, Dick Heathwood, will now draw up a schedule of proposed individual migrations to PVG membership. Each existing volunteer will be contacted, no action is required by anyone this stage.

In order to manage the retrospective checking of Chess Arbiters, Coaches and Chaperons, taking account the advice from the Central Registered Body in Scotland on risk assessment, the following policy will be adopted. New applications are unlikely to be affected and will take priority at all times.

Chess Scotland will commence retrospective checking first with Chaperons and those Arbiters and Coaches who are active and occasionally work outside of Scotland. This will include Coaches who have Disclosures Certificates more than 3 years old with the oldest dated processed first. Thereafter coaches will take priority over Arbiters with the oldest dated Disclosure Certificates processed first.

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