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Edinburgh 2012 Games
Thanks to Malola Prasath for games from Edinburgh Congress events 2012 including an annotated version of the Brillancy Prize winning game!

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which game won the brilliancy prize? the only game to be assigned a medal has two reference games, but no annotations.
Nihad and Murad have different spellings of their surname, Sai Kong Tsang and Vipin Zamvar have their names jumbled...
Thanks Graham,

Only just noticed your post today...

Malola Prasath 1-0 Jamie Mollinson from Round 4 won the brilliancy prize.
I had corrected more than 50 errors in the names (jumbled and spellings) but obvioulsy still missed a few. I will correct them and put a corrected version on next upload.

If anyone spots any more errors please let me know via:- <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->


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