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Stewarton Bonnet Guild Allegro 2018
Results from Stewarton Bonnet Guild Allegro 2018
Open section
First place tie between Stephen Mannion and Roddy McKay - Stephen wins on tiebreak
Third equal shared between Andrew Muir, Jamie Malkin, Alex Gilles

Major section
Three way tie for first place David Congalton, George Murphy, Calum McGillivray
David wins first place on tiebreak

Minor section
First place Joe Biggans
Second place tied by Jonathan Fallman, Walter Pearson, Billy Reid, Cooper Patterson

Under 14 section
First place Conor WIlson
Second place Lew Ng
Third place Rajkumar Anbu

Under 12 section
First place Shwetika Balaji
Second equal tied between Ishan Kumar, Lloyd Ferguson

Full report to follow in a day or so
A great day out at Stewarton. I thought the school was an excellent venue with separate rooms for the adult and junior events plus the communal area in the large canteen/dining room. Good results for our own Greenwood juniors and a big thank you to Lenzie Chess Academy for supporting the event in such numbers, their behaviour, enthusiasm and ability are a great credit to that organisation.
I would agree a good spacious venue but some (constructive) criticism in that I felt the toilet facilities were inadequate!

With over 100 players and just 2 spaces + 1 cubicle at the opposite corridor to playing room - then another 2 spaces + 1 cubicle at other end of the building - it was often queued out. Not great to have to wait when we only have 30 mins for the game!

Otherwise, very well organised and great to play chess at Stewarton!

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