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Renfrewshire Congress January 2012

think you may have the wrong guy, if you check the member details. According to them Paul hasn't visited the forum since Spetember but he's still listed as a member.

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any glasgow guys live anywhere near him?
it's just that with the comments posted here there is genuine reason to worry about his well-being.
I don't know the guy at all, is he elderly? in good health?

I think it would be safe to assume that the congress will not take place, perhaps we should be more concerned about paul
Hi All, I have finally been able to get in touch with Paul Blair. He advises that he has been unwell, and in consequence, the Renfrewshire Congress is definitely cancelled. Apologies for the short notice. Hopefully, Paul will be back to full health soon.
Colin Macgregor
Paisley Chess Club
yeah, get well soon:-)
Paul Blair has written to me, "I have had a difficult November/December period with my health again and at this moment, am in no position to do any chess administration of any kind.

As a result, I have had to cancel the Renfrewshire Chess Congress."

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