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Commonwealth Championships
Hi guys,

I understand it's a thankless and often boring task, but have the rounds 5-9 pgn's been entered yet?

I can access them all on - they were uploaded automatically as they were being played I believe - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->


P.S. I would have offered to enter games myself but now have a lot of writing and editing to keep me occupied!
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... mpionship/</a><!-- m -->

with the exception of some rd 9 games they are all available here and have been by the day after.
Alex McFarlane Wrote:

with the exception of some rd 9 games they are all available here and have been by the day after.

Thanks Alex, I had forgotten games could be accessed this way - only rounds 1-4 are available on the other page, which surprised me because I saw them being inputted by several people on the last couple of days!
PeterReidSmith Wrote:The live coverage of recent events (Commonwealth, SC Junior etc) is excellent. As a player and parent this sort of thing is simply invaluable and I know from sitting with the other parents how much it is appreciated and used.

Hello Peter

Thanks for the feedback. But we weren't perfect and mistakes did creep in.

We do a lot of manual input to improve upon the presentation of the live games display, such as adding the current round score etc. It is so easy to read something wrong or make a typo which looks poor for the tournament. You don't always spot your own mistakes, so having someone independent check your work is helpful.

If anyone is watching the games, please let us know if you spot a mistake. I am after volunteers to check the Glorney web site in a few weeks time, a task that can be done at home.


I have been downloading the games PGNs round by round and have tidied up the names into Chessbase format. I'll have it on the Downloads page later today. There are over 600 games - a lot of players have all 9 rounds included!

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