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I'd like to apologise for some over-aggressive posts/rants in the last year or two - in particular to Linda McCusker, Donald Wilson and Angus McDonald, and probably others too. Mostly it was down to frustration and was not intended to be personal in any way. Alan
Alan, there's no need to apologise to me - I was probably a bit tactless in the comment I made that you reacted to. We have different points of view and different ideas about how Chess Scotland should try to achieve its objectives in relation to Junior chess, but I don't think we disagree about what those objectives should be.

Anyway, I'm very happy to accept your apology, without reservation.
And me?

Do I get an apology. I travelled all that way to see an 8 move draw on the top board in the final round.

[Image: w9wj2x.jpg]

BTW you are looking more and more like Jonathan Speelman (with a beard) stop it.

Mark Orr played 9 moves in his last three games (he had two defaults - not his fault) and split top prize.
That is what I call a class act. Smashing venue and Alan's Queen sac v Matty Turner should win best game.
(I had to go before the prize giving.)
Just accept it and move on Donald, that's what I say. Life is too short to hold grudges Wink
"Life is to short to hold grudges."

No it aint. The Bible gives you 3 score and 10 years. Plenty of time.

I've been holding a grudge against the whole world since the day I was born.

I popped out naked in a room full of strangers and one of them skelped my arse.

BTW did a brief note up on your game v Matthew. Somehow made it look like Mathew was
doing all the Queen saccing. Admit it, you kept checking him looking for a perpetual.

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There are too many grudges in Scottish chess, especially from the older ones, but it takes a man to apologise and a man to accept. Interesting analysis of the game but if you could stop keeping this thread alive I'd be eternally grateful Wink

p.s. sounds like you were born in a hippy commune...

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