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Commonwealth Championships
I can now confirm that the venue is the City College, 320 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G1 2TG.

There will be Junior Championships in the morning 9am start, (U10,12,14,16) with the main event in the afternoon 2pm.

June 30 - July 8.

There is a Facebook page Commonwealth Chess Glasgow and the website will be up shortly.
Should senior titles be over 50 per FIDE rules now not 55 ?
Will TPR tiebreaks be sensible this year ?
Andy, Was the tiebreak method not selected by you? I seem to remember you doing a survey during the Scottish at Troon
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
The entry form is now available on the CS website.

A read of that should answer Andy M's questions.
The entry form states tiebreaks split by Swiss Master. Who is he ? Korchnoi ?
Last years tiebreaks were effectively grading prizes e.g. if Roddy hadn' t won and two players on 5.5/9 , the 2100 player, not the GM would be champion as his a-e is higher. Is it the same this year ?

Senior titles rules say born before 1/1/59 so at 1/7/14 = 55.5 , ie over 55.5 , or over 56 at year end. But FIDE rules now say over 50 at year end so anyone born before 1/1/65 should be the rule.
The new FIDE Senior age limits (over 50) were formulated in 2012 and are due to come into effect from 2014. They are also agreed by the European Chess Union and are in the ECU regulations.

There has already been considerable confusion, debate and late changes to published rules for some of the European and World Senior Team and Individual tournaments, and there is likely to be more of this over the coming months when it comes to 'National' and other Senior Tournaments.

Of course, it can be argued that the Commonwealth Championship is not governed by the World or European administrators, but unless we fall into line with these then no doubt we will be asked why not? - not least by some of the potential competitors and their own federations.

As FIDE has already pointed out to some of us, the regulations were agreed years in advance without formal dissent from member federations and most of the confusion arises when local or national administrators do not take the trouble to read them. I suspect this might be the case here although I am hoping to be corrected on that.

It also appears that FIDE is also introducing a 'new' category for the over-65s ('Veterans'?) so that us 'oldies' still have something to play for.

It may not be too late to change things before we end up with egg on our faces.

I will probably have more to say on this matter and for once I am glad of the fact this forum is no longer visible to the whole world.
Dealing with the points above.
Council decided that performance should be used for tie-break. w-we as used for the last few Scottish Championships was the only consistent measure of performance. Performance rating varied with the software used (Chessbase for example produced a different figure from Swiss Master). Initially Performance Rating was used but that very nearly caused a problem one year when different programs were producing different leaders!
I therefore decided to both obey Council and use the undisputed performance measure.
Following complaints I have reverted to the original method but specified the source to be used.
No method of tie break is satisfactory. Recent work has produced a very complicated formula which uses a variety of methods with a weighting attached to each. It showed the best simple calculation was sum of progressives, a method dismissed by FIDE. (I'm not going into details but the research involved looking at ties after 7 rounds and comparing the results of various methods with the actual results after 9 rounds.)

The Senior definition has been changing. In Scotland it was originally 50 but Council felt that it should be increased. The intended figure was 60. The age was increased in stages to 55 at which point FIDE also used this so I stopped increasing it.
There is nothing in the FIDE statutes which states that any age is mandatory. Indeed one event has defined Senior as 50-64! At 65 you become Veteran only.

Until FIDE sorts out the mess it seems to be getting itself into with Senior/Veteran it seems simpler to wait and see (ie stick with the current) and then decide if change should be made. This is what I intend to do.
If you look carefully at the entry form I have defined Senior for the Scottish but it has not been done for the Commonwealth (though there is an implication that it is the same). This was deliberate.

Just as it is seen by some that being registered with FIDE as SCO does not mean that you are automatically Scottish, being 50 does not mean that you are automatically a Senior in every event. For the British Senior title you must be considerably older!!!

I hope this clarifies things.

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