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Dundee & Angus Congress results

1st – Gabriel Petesch
2nd = Stephen Burns-Mannion, George Neave
Under 2000 – Jim Doyle, George Pyrich
Under 1850 – Stephen Robinson


1st = Joe Parks, Jeremy Mitchell
3rd = Daniel Thomas, Phil Thomas, Stephen Smith
3rd/U1700 – Pat McGovern


1st – Ray Noble
2nd = John Pearston, Jan Baron-Majeric
Under 1460 – Euan Gray
Under 1350 – Nicholas Straw
Under 16 – Jack Stewart


1st - Ronnie Cutting
2nd – Gilbert Alomenu
3rd/U1100/Under 16 – Colin Howie, Thomas Jose, Ben Volland, Leston D’Costa, Robert Mathieson, Robbie McLeod
Under 850 – Agnijo Bannerjee
Primary – Nick Bremner, Benjamin Ridge

Giantkiller – Nick Bremner (620 points)
Grading performances are now on the results page of our website -

Thanks to all organisers for a great Dundee event as always which was very enjoyable. One thing worth considering slightly "tweaking". Four sections... In order to equalise the numbers in each section as best as possible, perhaps alter the grading band in the challengers slightly at each end.
Morning Robin. Thanks for this - glad you enjoyed it.

We used exactly the same grading bands as last year when the numbers were (Open first) 41, 36, 34, 40 which I would say is as even as you could hope for with a misty crystal ball. So naturally we assumed we would get a similar balance this time, but ... You can't win 'em all. And of course you know what would happen if we changed the levels - Sod's Law would overpopulate the Challengers.

Still, in both years the Open has been a tad fuller than the others so it's something to think about. And we will.

Five sections might not be far away! It's such a good event, the Open was stronger than the majority of Scottish congresses and all sections were very competitive.
Photos from Dundee can now be viewed at


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