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Scottish Championship 1984 (open tournament)
Hi folks,
am trying to compile all the games from this tournament as it was the Scottish Championship (as the Centenary International was on in Troon at the same time).

If any players who are not so shy and played in the event can send me their games in any format (Chessbase, word, textfile, e-mail, snail mail, anything!) then I would appreciate it. My plan was to try and document all the Scottish Championships and the recent opens have brought this to my mind again! I only have about 20 games from the event (yes Alan Grant I have all of yours!! Big Grin ). The list of names is not to hand but if you played you know who you are (The play off was a six way between Bryson, Davis, Buchanan, Milligan, Thomson and Pyrich with Thomson emerging the winner). Many famous and infamous players played as well as some foreign dignatories. If I have no reply within 2 weeks I will post a full list of players - just to annoy you. You have been warned - send games now!!

Alistair Maxwell
Alistair, will you be including the games from the Centenary International Tournament?


Already in the public domain and I have them thanks!

Now have all the Games of George Pyrich and Alan Grant! What about the rest of the players??

All shy I bet!

Nearly forgot Mr Bryson also! Here are a few more names whose games are still hidden from the public from 29 years ago: Neil Farrell, John McLean, Peter Whayman, CJ Lennox, SCE Robinson, R Inglis, Andrew Wright, Owen Hindle, Tommy (L) Milligan, Bruce Harrold, Ken McEwan, Ken Brown, Jim Doyle (did his game against SCE Robinson go 1 d4 Nf6 2 Bg5 c6 3 e3 Qa5+ 0-1 or did I dream that? If it did what round did it happen in?), David Findlay, Richard Kynoch, Donald Heron, Gerald Bonner, Angus Dunnington to name just a selection. Admittedly I haven't heard of some of these people for some considerable time but many of these names still kick about Scottish tournaments or may have relations who can find the games. They can't all throw their scoresheets away (several I wish I had over the years!).
There are more questions than answers - somebody help me fill the gaps! All enquiries treated in the strictest confidence but beware I will try and talk youin to it.
PS if you don't have the games anymore tell me and I may leave you alone but even if you remember who you played and what round it was in that would be a start! If I find time to list of all who played then I will post it.
Please!!! Al Big Grin

My recollection is that black didn't spot 3 ... qa5+
Thanks this is why people need to send their games...!
Al Big Grin

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