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Dundee & Angus Congress 2013
I’ll use a different thread as an excuse to re-post details of this year’s Dundee & Angus Congress. It will take place 11 – 13 October at David Lloyd Leisure near Monifieth. This year will be our 10th running of the modern Dundee Congress and the 9th at this venue.

Points of note for this year:

We have received additional funding from Awards For All Scotland so the prize fund has been significantly increased. The new money has been spread across most prize groups with additional grading prizes, but Junior prizes have not been increased - instead we have secured the services of one of Scotland's leading junior coaches, Andrew Green, who will conduct one-to-one and small group coaching. Further details including times and format nearer the time (email me if you want info sent direct to you - <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->).

Entry fees are unchanged from last year - £23, £21, £19 and £17.

Our policy of not offering free entry continues.

Rate of play – we are dispensing with the interim time control and quickplay finish. Each player will have 1¾ hours for all moves.

Accommodation – plenty of options between Monifieth, Brought Ferry and Dundee. For a comprehensive list of options see

Current offers:
Travelodge (
Dundee Central - Fri - £34, Sat £43
Strathmore Ave - Fri - £22, Sat £29
Dundee (by Camperdown Park) - Fri - £25, Sat £31 (booked together)

For full details of the congress visit our website
Some awesome prizes on offer here! 8)

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